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You’ve earned this…

I got an email from an online print company this morning.

Turns out they “couldn’t have done it” without me, and they’re “truly grateful” for my “generous support and positive feedback”.

So grateful, that they’re offering a series of “exclusive deals”, just for me.

Nice of them, but they would have been better off just emailing the deals.

I’m no regular customer of theirs (I think I’ve bought off them once before), and all this schmoozy, disingenuous copy is clearly just a prelude to them trying to flog me some more stuff.

You see this all the time, especially in product businesses, with subject lines like, “You’ve earned this”, offering you a cut-price deal on something you really haven’t “earned” in any way, shape or form.

Authenticity matters in marketing.

Yes, you’ll make some sales with a scattergun approach like this – with a big enough list and a good enough offer, some people will buy.

But make no mistake, it doesn’t build relationship. It doesn’t create loyalty. It doesn’t make them more likely to buy from you than the next business down the street.

Building a relationship with an audience to the point where you’re seen as the logical or only choice can’t be shortcutted (turns out I may have invented a word there).

It takes time, effort and application.

But, like the best things in life, when you do put that effort in, it’ll be worth it.

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