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Your email score

Ryan and I had a meeting with a brand new client last week.

They wanted to work with us because their email marketing wasn’t working well and they knew it could be better.

They were already sending some emails, so we dug into what was happening.

It’s almost always easier to find something that works and make it better than try to find something new that works.

Here’s what I expected to happen:

The business was sending a half-decent email every couple of months. So 6 times a year…

…we’d agree to re-write the emails so they were twice as good, and send them every single week without fail.

6 half decent emails = email marketing score of 3

52 fantastic emails = email marketing score of 52

By improving the emails AND sending them more often, we’d improve his email marketing by nearly 20 times.

But then we had a look in his CRM and discovered a big problem: the open rate on his emails was averaging 2%.


So we added a third element into our plan.

1 – Better emails

2 – More emails

3 – Increase open rate

Our first email for him went out yesterday, open rate was 15%.

In truth, there is no such thing as a ‘good’ open rate, because there are so many variables, so the metric that we obsess over is TOTAL opens.

Let’s say there were 1000 people on his list…

1000 people X 6 emails a year X 2% open rate = 120 opens

Now, once we’ve worked our magic on three fronts:

1000 people X 52 emails a year X 15% open rate = 7,800 opens

The changes we’ve made are like taking a tiny ad from the classifieds section at the back of the paper and slapping it on the front cover.

And our work doesn’t end there either. Helping B2B businesses to get customers through email marketing has been our specialist subject for nearly 7 years, so we’ll be using our experience and expertise to keep growing his total opens.

If email marketing doesn’t work for you, it’s not because email marketing doesn’t work.

People read emails.

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