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Your cancelled subscription

I cancelled Apple TV the other day.

Given we’re currently paying for Sky, BT Sport, Amazon Prime, Netflix AND Disney Plus, it seemed like the sensible thing to do.

Why did Apple TV get the chop?

Simple: there’s naff all on there.

Grace and I devoured the first series of The Morning Show last year, and were eagerly awaiting the second.

But now that’s been and gone, we were struggling for reasons to stick around, and we didn’t find them.

When you think about it, it’s pretty criminal of Apple – they had a paying subscriber, hungry for more content, and they didn’t service that demand.

We don’t all monetise our content in the same away as the streaming giants, but there’s still a big lesson here.

The more attention you’re able to get from your audience, the better your relationship will be and the quicker you can monetise that attention.

Good quality content’s a fantastic way to get that attention, but if your audience run out of content to consume, you’re missing out on attention that could be yours.

When we look at the Ideal Result website stats, we regularly see prospects bingeing on content, watching 5, 6, and 7 videos in one session, simply because they’re available, and easy to access.

So rather than just acquiring three minutes of a prospect’s attention, we can triple or quadruple that, shortcutting the time it takes them to get to know, like and trust us.

Long and short of it this: if you’re not producing very much content, you’re not even close to satiating your audience’s appetite, and you’re missing an opportunity to build relationship, generate leads, and move people closer to becoming customers.

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