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You idle boy

I had a history teacher who was rather old school – he’d lived through the days of corporal punishment, and you could tell he yearned for them to return.

But with canes no longer acceptable, he generally contented himself with throwing the board rubber at anyone he deemed not to be paying attention.

I generally managed to steer clear of chalk-covered projectiles, but I did once have a confrontation with him, when I presented him with a project on World War 2.

We’d been asked to talk to people who’d experienced the conflict, document the interview and then write it up.

Luckily for me, I’d already done pretty much exactly the same project just a year earlier, and my ‘What do you remember about the war, Grandma?’ folder was still under my bed.

I dusted it off and handed it over.

Mr Oxley was not best pleased. I’d fulfilled the brief to a tee, but it was clearly not new work.

He dismissed me as an “idle boy”, and I went down in his estimation from that moment onwards.

But when you’ve got something that’s already worked, why start from scratch?

It’s an issue which plagues marketers and business owners with alarming regularity – they’ve created a marketing asset that’s worked in the past, but they abandon it, crafting something new from scratch that has zero track record.

Got a piece of marketing that’s worked? Use it. Chances are it’ll work again, and it’s certainly a safer bet than ripping everything up and starting from zero.

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