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Yo ho ho

I bought a bottle of rum the other day.

Not my typical tipple – I usually prefer a smoky whisky.

And frankly, up until now, rum hasn’t really been my thing; paired with raisin it’s my least favourite ice cream flavour, and the occasional rum and coke back at university doesn’t exactly have good associations.

Despite this, buying this particular bottle was an incredibly easy decision for me.

Why? It was a recommendation from a friend.

A friend who knows me well, knows what I like, and was sure this was the drink for me.

He was right – I had my first sip on Sunday and could have applauded him for getting it so spot on.

Recommendations are powerful – when they come from people you trust, they eliminate the majority of the friction in the way of a transaction.

Ask pretty much any business owner and they’ll say their best customers are the ones referred to them – not only are they easier to convert, but they’re better to work with too.

But when it comes to eliciting more recommendations and referrals, most of them aren’t doing ANYTHING.

If you’re in that boat, and you want more customers that are virtually friction-free to convert and a pleasure to work with, why not hatch a plan to make it happen?

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