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How To Create The Most Compelling
Sales Video Your Business Will Ever Have,
Literally At The Push Of A Button

What’s more, you’ll never even SEE a camera – your
super-effective sales video will feature your best customers
not you, (and we’ll take care of absolutely everything).

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Every business needs to make sales, and for many businesses, perhaps that need is greater now than ever. Covid 19 and lockdown have left many bank accounts at low-tide.

You want to see sales coming back, but they need to be PROFITABLE sales. 

You can’t just run a silly offer to get cash in because it’ll make matters worse. You haven’t got the margins to do 25% off and still make money. Sales for the sake of sales is a fools game. 

Instead, you need to attract high quality customers, people prepared to spend money to get the solution that they need. 

High quality customers aren’t attracted by discounts and cheap offers, they are prepared to pay more for quality and service, but they need certainty that you’ll deliver to a high standard. 

You can’t give them that certainty. You can try, but high quality customers are a savvy, cynical bunch, and they’ll take anything you tell them with a sizeable pinch of salt. 

They know you stand to benefit from the sale, so anything you say is put straight in the box marked “sales patter”.

You’ll have done the same, we all have.  On the forecourt of a car dealership or in a sofa showroom, listening to the well-rehearsed routine from the smooth salesman, knowing that what they’re telling us probably wouldn’t stand up in court.

There’s one tried, tested, and proven way to get your message across with more credibility than you or your team could ever muster, and it’s startlingly simple.​

The answer is to have your customers do it for you.

In a world where people are more cynical than ever, testimonials are the one place where even our most world-weary and disillusioned prospects will suspend their disbelief. 

Think about how sites like Feefo and TrustPilot have become so popular in recent years, not to mention Google Reviews and Facebook Recommendations.

Would you even buy a stapler on Amazon without looking at the customer reviews?

Who goes anywhere these days without checking TripAdvisor first?

“The hotel’s website says that it’s a fantastic four-star with recently refurbished rooms and the best breakfast on the island, let’s see what everyone says on Tripadvisor.”

What other people say about you is WAY more
than anything you could say about yourself.​

I know what you’re thinking – you’ve already got some written testimonials on your website, and that’s great. There are just three problems:

Problem #1

the people looking at your website are already thinking about buying, your testimonials might be helping your sales conversion, but they’re not helping you to generate more leads.

Problem #2

your competitors have a similar number of testimonials, so it’s not going to help you differentiate your business from theirs

Problem #3

your most cynical prospects will think that they’re not REAL testimonials, part of them will believe that you wrote them all yourself.

How can you overcome these problems?

What can you do to create a testimonial so powerful that it doesn’t just get warm prospects over the line, but you can send it out into the world and it’ll come home with people primed and ready to buy?

The answer is a
testimonial video.

Capture your customers on video and even your most hard-bitten and cynical prospects will believe them to be true.

And videos work really well on social media, allowing you to use them right at the front end of your marketing, attracting new customers like magic.

Fantastic testimonial videos work like rocket-fuel for a business. Helping you to…


 Of course, you could record a testimonial video on your own. It’s easy enough. 

Grab your phone, point it at a customer, ask some questions and Bob’s your uncle.

Except it’s not quite that easy. 

There’s the practicalities of getting in front of customers, then there’s knowing which questions to ask (and how to ask them) to get the answers that you’re looking for. And then once you’ve got all the footage you’ll need to edit it into shape, and you’ll still be left with a video that looks more like a mid-nineties home-movie than a Netflix documentary, and that doesn’t quite capture the quality of your brand.

Our solution really is push-button simple, and it’ll leave you with a video that will blow you away.

We’ve been perfecting our testimonial video production for years, working with a wide range of businesses and conducting hundreds of interviews to create hugely effective testimonial and case-study videos that our clients love. 

We know how it’s all done. 

We’re not as cheap as shooting a testimonial video on your phone, or even finding a local videographer to do the work, but we understand that the quality of your marketing reflects directly on your brand, and cutting corners comes at a price

Using cheap videos in your marketing is an

Our proven ‘ABC’ system is the easiest way to get a professional quality testimonial video for your business.

Send an email to 4 or 5 happy customers asking them to feature in a case-study video and introducing our team.

Sit back and wait for your fantastic video

Nothing else.

And just in case you’re thinking “that can’t be ALL I’ve got to do?! Write and send ONE email. That’s IT?”.

I’ve got more good news for you –
You don’t need to lift a finger!

Ryan recently put together a series of testimonial videos from my Mastermind members – the process couldn’t have been easier, and I’m over the moon with the results.

David Laycock
EweMove – Co Founder

Yep. It’s 100% true.

You see, it’s important that we get off on the right foot with your customers because we like to take fantastic care of them (and we’re very good at it!) and starting the relationship the right way is critical – that’s why we’ll send you our ‘tried and tested’ introduction email to send to them. 

Send the email, copy us in, and we’ll take care of everything from that point on.

And I mean EVERYTHING.  

Imagine where you could be a few short weeks from now, with a high quality testimonial video to use in your marketing.

You’d have it on your website, of course. You’d put it on Facebook, maybe on LinkedIn too. You could hang a whole marketing campaign off it and drive a load of good quality leads into your business, or just send it to your prospects and watch your conversion rate increase by magic. 

A testimonial video like this isn’t a one-off sales trick either. It’ll keep getting you leads and increasing your sales conversion for years to come. 

But you know that professional video work doesn’t come cheap. Hiring all of the pro camera, sound and lighting kit you’d need to shoot this video would run to well over £1000 a day, and hiring a videographer isn’t going to be much less than that. 

And then you’ll need to get your video guy to all the right places – they’ll need to travel to see your customers, and that’s going to bump the price up even further.

What’s this video going to cost? £5000? £10,000?

Would it be worth it at that price? Probably. 

I’ve got good news for you though. 

An Ideal Result testimonial video doesn’t cost £10,000. It doesn’t even cost £5000.

In fact, our testimonial video packages start at just £1975+VAT.

The “3 Minute Testimonial Video” Package (£1975+VAT)

If a fantastic case study video full of client testimonials is what you need, then this is the package for you. 

We’ll drive to wherever we need to to capture up to five of your happy customers on video, and then edit that footage to make a hugely compelling video that will turn your prospects into customers.

Everything’s included in the fee. There’s no ‘extras’ or expenses
to be tacked on. No mileage claims or surprises. The fee is fixed.

You’ll pay half the fee at the start of the project and the other half only once the project is finished and you’re over the moon with the final video.  

Delivery time is usually 4-6 weeks, depending on availability of your happy customers.  Expect your finished video to be around 3 minutes long, perfect for your website or for socials

The “Full Testimonial Suite” Package (£2475+VAT)

You’ll get the exact same 3 minute case study video, but there are a few extras with this package too. 

You’ll get THREE videos delivered instead of one, for starters.

Alongside the standard case-study testimonial video, we’ll take your two best happy customer testimonials, and turn them into standalone testimonial videos of around one minute long. 

We’ll review ALL of the footage of your happy customers (not just the footage that makes the final video) and create a written testimonial from what they’ve said, which you can use on your website and in your printed marketing where the video won’t work.

We’ll also get professional headshots of ALL of your happy customers while we’re with them filming, so you’ve got a professional image of them to sit with their written testimonial.

So with the Testimonial Suite package you’re going to get:

  • The 3 minute ‘case study’ testimonial video
  • Two standalone testimonial videos (each one from one happy customer)
  • A minimum of three written testimonials 
  • Matching headshots to be used alongside the written testimonials

The headshots is a nice touch, a professional headshot can easily run to a couple of hundred pounds, and for you to be providing them to your customers (for use on their social profiles, for example) is a welcome touch.

Whether it’s the 3 minute video or the full testimonial suite that you choose, adding some high-quality testimonials to your marketing will mean that your investment will pay for itself over and over again.

If you’ve read this far and are thinking that a testimonial video by Ideal Result could be JUST what your business needs, 

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