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Thom Wordsmith

It’s something a bit different from me this week.

You’ll probably have noticed that most of my content is delivered on video, but today I’m going back to basics and writing some words.

And there’s a good reason why.

You see, the commonly accepted wisdom is that video is the only way forward – that’s what the experts have been telling us all anyway.

The result has been every man and his dog producing video content, and lots of it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that – we do a lot of video here at Ideal Result, and get great results from it.

But here’s the fact that a lot of people are ignoring:

Plenty of people don’t want to watch videos.

Instead, they’d much rather digest their information through the written word.

They’ll skip through videos, or read the subtitles, but engross themselves in emails, direct mail and sales pages.

If you’re only doing video, you’re failing to reach those people.

Not only that, but you’re missing out on an easy opportunity to get your content digested.

To get you to digest this, all I’ve had to do is get you to open the article and pull you in with the opening few lines of copy – it probably needs a minute of your time. But to get you to digest a video requires you jumping through a number of hoops, especially as most of our audience will receive a link to the video by email:

  1. Open the email
  2. Read the teaser copy and be excited enough to click through
  3. Wait for the blog page to load
  4. Discover that the video is five minutes long and decide whether you want to invest that time
  5. Stay intrigued enough throughout the video to digest the point that I am making

Lots of hoops, plenty of friction, and loads of opportunity for people to drop off at each stage.

You might be wondering why I still bother with videos when they’re harder to get people to digest. And the answer’s simple: lots of people watch them.

But crucially, not everyone does.

Loyalty to one media is foolish – even if you feel comfortable with it – and that’s something that we’re very aware of here at Ideal Result.

Yes, my ‘go-to’ media is video, and it’s Ryan’s too, but Seb, Mark and Grace prefer written communication – across the team, we’ve got the bases covered. It’s worth considering what this means for the communication you have with your customers and prospects – are you over-reliant on one platform to get your message across?

If you are, who’s not digesting your message who could be, and how can you better reach them?

Have a great week and speak soon.


P.S. Next time you hear from me it’ll probably be on video, so if you engaged with this message, you’ll probably ignore the next 🙂

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