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This one weird trick

Chances are you’ve seen those click bait ads that promise you ‘one weird trick’.

Usually it’s a way to ‘lose belly fat’, sometimes it’s to prevent hair loss; occasionally it’s a way to make you utterly irresistible to the opposite sex.

It’s almost always nonsense, but their only job is to get people to click a link, and given how long the ads have been running they’re probably doing a pretty good job.

I’ve got “one weird” trick for you today, and it occurred to me while I was trying to lose some belly fat of my own.

I was doing a YouTube workout where the ludicrously pumped up instructor was encouraging me to do 50 repetitions of each exercise.

I’m no fitness expert, but 50 reps seems like a lot, and I didn’t think I’d stand a chance.

I managed it though, and it really was a case of mind over matter.

Rather than counting up to 50 as I completed each rep, I just counted to 10, and then started again from zero.

Straight away it seemed so much more achievable, since my immediate goal was simply to complete 10 reps, not 50.

And it’s a principle totally applicable to marketing – thinking you need a grand marketing plan with a dozen different medias, scores of campaigns and a fully automated system is guaranteed to result in you never getting going.

But if you start with just one thing, it’s so much easier to get started.

So if your marketing is currently non-existent, stop waiting for the magic marketing plan that’s going to revolutionise the way you do things.

Just do ONE thing to communicate with people who could do business with you.

Send an email. WhatsApp some past clients. Write a LinkedIn post and share it.

Momentum is much easier to come by when you’re already moving – you just need an easy way to get started.

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