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How we turned a dusty campaign into £235k of sales for one client in one month

How we turned a dusty campaign into £235k of sales for one client in one month

At Ideal Result we’re big believers that if a piece of marketing works, it’s probably not worth changing too much. We take a similar approach with our biscuits, Leibniz every time thank you please.

But sometimes circumstances change, like a pandemic happens or you leave the EU, or the cost-of-living crisis leaves your customers a little more reticent to part ways with their hard-earned cash. 

And then that campaign that’s worked so well in the past is no longer pulling up trees. So what do you do? Here’s how we helped a client in this exact position earlier this year…

The business

Adrenaline junkie Keith Crockford runs The Bucket List Company, helping itchy-footed travellers access adventure abroad, in incredible places and at reasonable prices.

He’s been an Ideal Result client for a long time now, long enough to understand the true power of marketing consistently (and to know what our kids like for dinner).

During the time Keith’s been an Ideal Result client his business has grown rapidly. 

We’ve helped him create a steady income and build a relationship with his audience, we’ve held his hand through a pandemic that virtually ruled out the business’s entire purpose for 18 months, and now we’re helping him thrive on the other side. 

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The challenge

Twice a year for the last four years, we’ve helped Keith bag his slice of the adventure travel market at peak holiday booking time.

Our New Year campaigns and “Awesome August” are now well-established parts of the Bucket List Company’s marketing calendar and they get Keith’s customers licking their lips every year. 

…Which sometimes causes a little bit of a problem. You see, when your audience know an offer is coming, you tend to see a big response as soon as you go live, and not necessarily throughout the rest of the campaign… Unless you’re smart. 

This year we wanted to create a new offer for Awesome August that did three things: 

It had to give Keith results from the start of the month right up until payday

It had to sell 60 trips (which was a fairly ambitious target so soon after Covid – but you know us, we like a challenge)

It had to pinpoint whether free kit or discounts make Keith’s audience tick right now



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The offer and the strategy

Seb thrashed out a bucket full of ideas with Keith before they plumped on the offer that would form the basis of the campaign. 

Sorry, did I say offer singular? There were two:

OFFER #1 – “The Ridiculously Low Deposit” – book your trip for just £10 (saving £190 on the usual deposit cost)

OFFER #2 – “All The Stuff” – book with your usual £200 deposit and get £409 worth of trip goodies, absolutely free

Pretty tasty right? And the deadline for both was midnight at the end of the month. 

…Which presented another challenge in itself. Keith was worried about how we could keep communicating the offer throughout the month without becoming the world’s newest most annoying sender. 

(You see, in the past we’ve pooled loads of free kit together then dropped out various parts of the offer with deadlines interspersed throughout the month – which gives you a great excuse to keep sending emails about the offer without annoying your customers too much.) 

Seb allayed Keith’s fears by mapping out a plan of attack that included:

Offer-heavy emails at the start of the campaign

More offer-specific emails around the deadline

Image-led, travel-happy educational pieces which still subtly mentioned the offer in the middle

All written by the Ideal Result team and backed up by some eye-catching Facebook ads. It was simple, and it worked. 

The results

Ta-da! £235,000 of sales for August, beating EVERY month since the business started. 

The campaign pulled in 87 trips sales which was 47 more than last year’s Covid-riddled Awesome August, and a smashing 27 more than Keith’s target. 

We saw a spike of 12 sales go through on the opening day of the campaign then another of 23 on deadline day, with Keith still on the phone to new clients at 10pm ahead of the midnight deadline.

So it looks like Seb’s educational emails did their thing. The 52 sales that happened throughout the month meant Keith had a steady flow of cash coming through and could give proper attention to each and every new customer. 

We got a clear answer on kit vs discounts too, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for January’s campaign to find out what it was…

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What we learnt from the campaign

We like to tuck away our learns from each and every campaign we run for our clients, and we’re always happy to share. Here are a couple of takeaways from Awesome August 2022: 

People don’t necessarily behave quite as predictably as they did pre-Covid. If you’re not tracking everything you do marketing-wise, you can’t keep on top of your audience’s nuances and tweak your campaigns to make sure they keep working.

The power of the deadline: never underestimate it. We’re always saying this, because it’s so true!

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What Keith said

“This last year I’ve moved The Bucket List Company to a bigger, better office, expanded my team and taken my family on some incredible holidays – which I wouldn’t have been able to do without Ideal Result. 

“Awesome August smashed our targets this year and what’s even more interesting is that we doubled our September target off the back of it too. Demand for adventure travel is coming back and Seb’s making sure we make the most of it.”

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