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The chicken pox factor

There’s been an epidemic in the Greenwood household recently.

The culprit? Chicken pox.

It was spreading round school like wildfire, so it was only a matter of time before it got its mitts on us.

Jim came down with it first, angry red blotches all over him – I gave up counting when I got to 200.

Then it was Bill, and his poor sensitive skin really took the brunt; I genuinely think there were over 500.

Effy got off pretty lightly in comparison – just a small smattering and no other symptoms.

I’ve been told how infectious chicken pox, but it’s only when you actually experience it that you see its viral power.

It’s that sort of virality that so many business owners chase after in their marketing.

They post a billion times on LinkedIn, hoping it’ll get picked up by the internet machine and they’ll suddenly become online famous, or spend hours creating the perfect meme they’re sure will drastically increase their reach.

It’s rarely a good marketing strategy, for at least two reasons:

1. The platforms want you to pay organic reach is hard to come by these days, and although you’ve always got a chance of going viral, the algorithm’s stacked against you.

2. You’ve got very little control over where it goes – getting a million views might sound great, but if the people viewing it are never going to buy from you, it’s a waste of time and energy.

Instead of creating the one perfect meme that’s going to transform your business, most business owners are better off creating regular, consistent content and growing the number of people they distribute that content to.

Might seem boring, and it is. But it works. Far more effectively than trying to recreate the chicken pox factor.

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