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The Bairstow incident

Chances are that even if you regard cricket is the most boring thing in the world, you’ll have heard of the Ashes.

England vs Australia, the sport’s oldest rivalry, two teams doing battle for the smallest trophy in the world.

And if you’ve had even one eye on the first two matches, you’ll know England have taken some flak for the way they’ve played.

Traditional test match cricket’s usually pretty cautious – it’s a game played over five days, so the name of the game has been to stay in as long as possible, slowly accumulating runs.

England haven’t played like that – instead, their “Bazball” style (named after their coach) sees them spending most of their time trying to hit the ball into the stands.

It hasn’t been wholly successful; they’ve lost the first two matches, so the prospect of regaining the Ashes is looking pretty bleak at present.

But you know what? People are watching it. In their droves.

Rather than perpetuating the perception of cricket as bland, dull and like watching paint dry, they’ve decided to create content people can’t take their eyes off.

It’s getting more eyeballs than ever before, because it’s entertaining, and therein lies today’s titbit:

The saying goes that “content is king”, but the truth is that just churning out content isn’t enough – it’s got to be good.

Competition for your prospect’s eyeballs is at an all-time high, and it’s never been easier to create generic content; heck, you can just get any number of AI tools to write it for you now.

But the businesses that’ll dominate their sectors in the coming years are the ones that don’t just create lots of content, but also make sure it’s relevant, valuable and entertaining.

So, next time you create a piece of content, it’s worth asking the question:

“Is this just another bland piece of ignorable content, or will it force my prospect to sit up and consume it?”

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