Superbowl Sunday - Ideal Result
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Superbowl Sunday

You’ve probably seen it was the Superbowl yesterday.

I’m more NBA than NFL, so I didn’t stay up late with a plate full of smores, but I did tune in this morning to checkout the half-time show.

And I’m not alone – 10 million others have also watched the video on YouTube just eight hours after it was published – that’s in addition to the 117 million people who watched it live last night.

The Superbowl gets the world’s attention, which is why it can command some truly eyewatering prices for its ads – around $6.5 million per 30-second ad.

The half-time show itself is a pretty expensive arrangement too, costing around $20 million, but the thing I found interesting:

Dr Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and the rest of them didn’t get a paid a cent for their performances.

(I’m sure they’re claiming expenses, but you know what I mean.)

Which begs the question: why would they provide free entertainment for a money-making juggernaut?

Simple: that’s where the attention is, and if you can meet and serve that attention, you can monetise it.

Last year’s show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, with their streaming numbers seeing increases of 335% and 230% respectively as a result.

This year’ll be no different – Dr Dre and the gang will enjoy huge surges in their streaming numbers for the next few days, translating into more revenue for them.

It’s the same in the worlds we all inhabit: locate your audience, provide them with genuine value, and you’ll reap the benefits in the long-run.

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