Squeegee on ice - Ideal Result
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Squeegee on ice

That scary lady with bad wind is wreaking havoc with my plans for Jim’s first inset day today.

(Yes I am talking about Eunice.)

2022 seems to be another year of extremes – wind today, downpours last weekend and frosts only a couple of weeks ago.

That was when I experienced that irritating phenomenon where you get to the car at 5pm only to find the windscreen covered in ice.

Not to worry, there’s a handy scraper in the driver’s door, I’ll be out of here in no time.

Only, I go to take it out and realise it’s not a scraper at all…

Yes, that is a shower squeegee.

Without wishing to apportion blame, I’m pretty certain I wasn’t the one who helpfully put that in the Fiesta.

But I was the one stuck in Meriden on a Thursday evening, keen to be at home in my joggers, painfully scraping the ice from my windscreen with a credit card.

(In case you’re wondering, shower squeegees are indeed useless when it comes to scraping ice.)

Using the wrong tools for the job in marketing can have a similar effect, or worse.

It can take longer than it needs to to see results…

Maybe the results don’t come at all…

And the whole process can be just as frustrating as facing an icy windscreen with nothing but a shower squeegee.

I know for sure these words are going to be a lot more useful for us when we send them out on email than when I stick them on LinkedIn, or if I whacked them on Facebook, but different media work for different businesses.

Working out which one is best to serve your market is half the job done.

If you’d like any help with that, let me know.

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