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Smithy nailed this one…

I was out for dinner with a few of our Private Clients yesterday.

As usual, we had our roundtable meeting at Hogarths and then took them all out for a bite to eat at The Farm in Solihull.

It was a good choice – last month we ended up waiting an unreasonable amount of time for a curry, the wait only made worthwhile by seeing Keith Crockford’s face when his naan bread arrived…

But this time, Smithy nailed the restaurant, and it was a really good night.

Conversation flowed, relationships were forged and a good time was had by all.

You want to know something interesting though?

We barely talked about business.

We talked about where we’d like to go on holiday, our attitudes to children and alcohol and a whole variety of other subjects, but business barely got a look in.

When people are marketing to business owners, they tend to assume a few things:

1. They think they need to talk purely about business
2. They think they need to speak in a ‘formal’ way
3. They think business owners won’t be interested in personal things

Each of these assumptions is incorrect.

Business owners are people too, people with kids and cars and houses and relatives, just like you, and recognising this in the marketing you put together will help you get more engagement, build more relationships and bring your prospects closer to you.


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