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Practice and perfect

I made dinner last night, and I’m not really a magician in the kitchen.

I don’t use ovens – you just can’t see what’s going on in there and I like to keep an eye on proceedings.

Left to my own devices, I’ll cook salmon and noodles every time.

I like salmon. I like noodles. It all fits in a wok. Perfect.

And I’ll tell you what: I am GOOD at salmon and noodles.

I don’t think I’m up to 10,000 hours just yet, but I’m on the way.

If something works, there’s nothing wrong with doing more of it.

In the marketing world, I see people stop doing stuff that works to “try something new”.

What a terrible strategy.

A quick glance at the highest grossing films of all time tells us that sticking with a winning formula is super profitable.

15 of the top 20 films are sequels, Fast & Furious SEVEN is in the top ten!

It is easier and more profitable to make a sequel than it is to start afresh.

Same thing with getting customers. If you’ve done something that has got a customer, work out how you can do the same thing again and again and again.

Do it better, do it BIGGER. Make a super sequel.

The screenplay that we keep returning to for every B2B business that we work with is email marketing.

Email is a box office sensation and the smart money ALWAYS starts with something that’s already working.

There are two types of businesses that email marketing doesn’t work for:

Type 1 – businesses that aren’t doing email marketing

Type 2 – businesses that are doing it all wrong

Everyone else, highest ROI of any marketing they do.

If you’re a type 1 or type 2 business, we can help.

CLICK HERE to find out how.

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