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Off my trolley

Mrs D was RAGING last night, here’s what happened…

Every week, I do the ‘big shop’. I make a list of all the meals we’re going to eat that week, work out what we’ve already got in the cupboards and write a list of what I need to buy.

Then I head to Aldi – list in one hand, trolley in the other.

It’s a time-honoured, fail-free process.

But it was the Ideal Result Christmas Party on Friday night, so this weekend I was NOT in the mood for rummaging through the fridge, checking the dates on eggs.

I’ll just do my list on the fly, I thought. Go for a wander round the shop and see what took my fancy.

I’ve done hundreds of big shops in my time, so I fairly flew round, scooping ingredients into my trolley with no need for a list.

Trolley full, I checked out and drove home. And that’s when it happened.

I’m unpacking the bags in the kitchen, Mrs D is working out what we’ll be eating for the week, and as her excitement turned to puzzlement, then to confusion, and finally anger, I understood what had happened.

I hadn’t bought the right ingredients to make ANY meals. Zero.

Spaghetti but no bolognese.

Sausage but no mash.

A toad but no hole.

A pie but no shepherd.

You get the gist: it was a comedy of errors, a waste of my time, a little annoying.

Or as a slightly hungover Mrs D put it – “a total, unmitigated, shopping flustercluck”.

Like a primary school assembly, there’s a moral to the story (as well as an important lesson about knowing your limits when hungover):

In shopping, as in life and as in marketing, you need a plan.

As the saying goes “fail to plan and you’re planning to fail”.

Sober advice.

Got to go, macaroni stir-fry to look forward to tonight. Delicious.

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