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Not That David

Depending on the time of year, my journey to and from the office can be fairly arduous.

When the schools are in session and I leave at the wrong time, it can take me a good hour to trawl the ten miles from my house in south Birmingham to the beautiful barn we work out of.

And often the journey leaves me longing for those six weeks where the parents are off the road, and I can zip straight to Meriden in 20 minutes.

(Thankfully, schools finish this week, so those six weeks are upon us at last!)

Anyway, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve actually wanted the journey to last LONGER, and the reason why is simple:

I’ve got my teeth into a new audiobook.

(I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to suggest one can get their teeth into an audiobook, but it makes as much sense as sinking teeth into an actual book, so I’ll stand by the phrase.)

The book is by David Mitchell, and if that name immediately makes you think of the David Mitchell who is actually famous for writing books (like number9dream and Cloud Atlas), then you’re thinking of the wrong one.

Instead, the audiobook is called David Mitchell: Back Story, and it’s a memoir written by the actor and comedian most famous for his work on Peep Show and his trademark rants on Would I Lie To You?

And I’ve got to be honest: it’s outstanding.

Whilst it’s not a surprise that Mitchell is good at writing, it’s NOT what he’s famous for, and yet he’s probably sold more books than most authors for whom writing books is their day job.

When you build an audience of people that like the other products or services you’ve provided, there’s very often opportunity to sell them other things, purely based on their existing relationship with you.

Here’s the fact of the matter: no one who doesn’t already know and like David Mitchell would invest in Back Story, but because there are so many people who DO know and like him, he’s effectively been able to diversify his product range and create an additional revenue stream.

And I’m willing to bet that it’s made him good money, even though it’s not his ‘core product’.

What else could YOU sell to your audience, and how could you use your relationship to create an additional revenue stream?


P.S. If you like David Mitchell, I recommend trying the book on Audible, and if you’ve got an recommendations for me, hit reply and let me know.

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