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No One Wants What You’ve Got To Sell.

We’re in the process of remortgaging at the moment, and to be honest, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

LTV and interest rates are not at the top of my list of “specialist subjects” (if such a list existed), and consequently I’ve no doubt that I’d do some damage if I had to wend my way through the process on my own.

The good news is that I know someone who’d definitely pick mortgages as his subject on Mastermind – John Thompson at Your Next Mortgage.

John’s a top bloke who’ve we’ve worked with for a couple of months, and in several conversations with him it’s been really clear that he knows his onions, so when our mortgage came up for renewal, he was the obvious person to talk to.

I had an initial call with him this morning, and I just wanted to share one of the questions that John asked me, because it’s really relevant for all of us.

Now, just to be abundantly clear, mortgage speak is all Greek to me. Which is why I was slightly fearful of the conversation.

Would I embarrass myself? Would I have to ask John what he was talking about every five seconds? Would I just “zone out” and come off the call with no more clarity than I went in with?

With all of those questions reverberating around my brain, I took the call from John.

And to my surprise, pretty much the first thing he asked me was this:

“So, Seb, what’s the big picture? What do you want?”

I was a bit flummoxed by this.

Surely when you talk mortgages you talk about loans, income and all that boring financial stuff?

Not the “big picture”. Not stuff that actually means something.

Not with John. His opening gambit was all about ascertaining what Mrs Greenwood and I actually want, and what our big picture is, and the answer to those questions informed everything else.

This is smart.

So many businesses focus on what it is they sell and the delivery of their product or service that they forget that all that really matters is what people want.

People don’t want a mortgage. People don’t want lower interest rates.

They want to edge ever closer to owning a property outright whilst still generating enough income to allow them to do the things they enjoy, provide for the people they care about and feel secure about the future.

It’s the same in our industry.

No one wants strategic help with their marketing.

They want more customers. (Which in turn goes back to the point about ‘enough income’ to do XYZ)

It’ll be the same in your industry.

And the trick when it comes to your marketing and sales process is connecting those things:

What people want and what people need.

We do NEED a new mortgage. But by starting our conversation with what we want, John’s able to connect our desire with a tangible outcome – the thing that we need.

This might seem fairly straightforward, but it’s so easy for us all to forget.

We get so wrapped up in our product or service that we kid ourselves that people’ll just fall over themselves to buy it, because we know they NEED it.

But unless you can connect one of their ‘wants’ to what you’re selling, then your marketing is always going to be less effective.

The subject of what your prospect really wants is, for us, one of the most fundamental things you need to get right, and it’s something we spend a lot of time focusing on with our Private Clients.

Once you get that right, it’s so much easier to choose the right market, craft the right message and select the correct media.

And that’s why it’s the subject we’ll be discussing at our next Discovery Day.

If you haven’t read anything about the Discovery Day yet, then check it out HERE – if you’ve thought about working with us before, but you’d like to get a ‘taster’ of what it’s like, then the day’s the ideal opportunity to do that.

Click here to find out more about the next Ideal Result Discovery Day.

Talk soon,


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