Spend One Day In March Finding Out What’s Working RIGHT NOW For Over 60 Successful UK Businesses and Get a Unique Insight Into Working With Ideal Result - Ideal Result
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Spend One Day In March Finding Out What’s Working RIGHT NOW For Over 60 Successful UK Businesses and Get a Unique Insight Into Working With Ideal Result

Spend One Day In April Finding Out What’s Working RIGHT NOW For Over 60 Successful UK Businesses and Get a Unique Insight Into Working With Ideal Result

We’re putting an event on, but it’s not like most marketing events that you’ll see.

We’re NOT looking to fill a venue with hundreds of people.

We’re NOT selling some ‘hugely discounted’ information product.

We’re NOT creating an ‘intimate’ high-ticket event for a small audience and charging a couple of thousand pounds per seat.

Location: Solihull | Date: Tuesday 18 April 2023

What we ARE doing is giving you an opportunity to understand what we do and why it’s so effective for businesses all over the UK, by inviting a few business owners to a round-table ‘discovery day’ type session at our office in the Midlands on Tuesday April 18th.

We run 10 closed-door meetings a year for our Private Clients, with no guests allowed and strictly no recording, to create a space where our clients can talk openly about their businesses, their challenges and their opportunities.

For many, those meetings are a hugely valuable part of working with Ideal Result, but the very nature of them means no guest spaces, no prospects or ‘hangers on’, no way around the table for a non-client.

That’s why we’re running a one-off non-client roundtable, designed to mirror as closely as we can the experience of a full Private Client meeting.

This is no pastiche or parody though, if this is going to be anything like a real Private Client meeting you’re going to need to walk away with a notebook filled with notes, ideas and actions.

So we’ve distilled the most actionable, most useful content from our last three or four meetings, and we’ll be delivering that to you over the course of a single day around the meeting table in our office.

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Here’s how the day’s going to look:

10am – Arrival. Coffee and Pastries.

10:30am – Session One: Growing your Database in 2023

Media has NEVER been more expensive. Wherever your prospects are – Facebook, Google, TikTok –  the cost of showing them ads will have skyrocketed.

That poses a problem for marketers, because building your database is often going to be one of the most important foundational steps for successful marketing.

The good news is that there are strategies you can use to add the right prospects to your database faster than you can imagine for less money than you could reasonably hope for, and they are working for our clients week in and week out – and we’ll share these proven strategies with you during this session, assisting you to grow your audience.

11:30am – Coffee Break

11:45am – Session Two: Getting Attention in 2023

Marketing a business successfully is all about getting and keeping the attention of your prospects.

But what gets attention right now isn’t the same thing that got attention back in 2013.

Media has changed, consumption habits have too, and if you want to be successful, you’ll need to adapt to those changes.

During this session, we’ll share how our clients are getting attention in 2023, giving you plenty you can take away and use in your own business.

1pm – Lunch (included)

2pm: Session Three: Getting Customers in 2023

At its heart, marketing is about getting customers. That’s what we specialise in, and during this session, we’ll share what our clients are doing right now to get and keep more customers.

Many of our clients have experienced incredible growth in the last couple of years, using marketing strategies designed and implemented by our team – we’ll share some of the most notable with you, and show you how you can implement them in your business.

So that’s the schedule.  The full “Private Client” experience for a whole day, some nice food and as much tea and coffee as you can drink.

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Interested?  Here’s everything you need to know:

What’s It Going To Cost?

This isn’t a big money spinner for us, you don’t need a calculator to work that out.

Places around the table aren’t free though, because we’d end up ‘oversubscribed’ with free-loaders and time wasters.

To make sure we’ve got the right people around the table, we’re charging £49+VAT for a ticket.

Some of the marketing strategies and tactics we’ll talk about will require investment – that doesn’t mean you need to have super deep pockets, but if £49 requires significant thought, this probably isn’t the right place for you to be.

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Are You Going To Pitch Me?

Maybe, yes.

IF we think we can add lots of value to your business, and IF at the end of the meeting we agree that you’d be a good fit for Private Clients and we’d all enjoy working with you, then we’ll invite you to consider working with us.

But there’s absolutely not going to be a hard sell. No presentation, no order form, no offer that’s only available on the day.  That’s not how we work. 

We’ll add a ton of value during the day, and we’ll spend enough time with you to see if an ongoing relationship might be fruitful, but if it isn’t – and you’re just walking away from the day with your notes, then that’s fine; implement one thing you learn and you’ll almost certainly recoup your investment many times over.

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Where Is It?

The meeting is going to be at our office in the Midlands. It’s a beautiful barn on a farm, with lots of space, plenty of parking and nice coffee.

We’re just around the corner from the NEC and 5 minutes’ drive from Birmingham International if you’re coming by train or plane.

We’ll kick off at 10:30 and finish up at 4:30, so there’s probably no need to book a hotel room. 

There really are only seven spaces though, and it’s first come, first served.

Just click the button below, complete the short form and we’ll see you on Tuesday April 18th

Once you’ve filled your details in, you’ll get a confirmation email letting you know your place is confirmed

Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see you here in a few weeks time.

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What Mark from Lemon Chase said:

We are consistently up, month on month, about 30%

“From working with Idea Result, we are consistently up, month on month, about 30%

The email campaigns they’ve written for us have produced just the most phenomenal results – we press a button and then just start getting enquiries pinging into our inbox and incoming phonecalls.

I sat there for a couple of years and wondered whether what they offered was too good to be true, but it isn’t because my results are 30% better than they were before I joined them”

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