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Kolleggs Korn Flaches

Poundland. You might stroll past it and think that all it can offer is cheap multipack crisps and a fizzy drink cup filled to the brim with pick and mix.

But you’d be wrong. Because when you study their marketing, there’s plenty to take away with you.

Their most recent poster campaign is a case in point – each poster features a basket of goods, contrasting the price of shopping in Poundland in comparison to the other supermarkets.

You’ve likely seen price comparison ads before – Lidl and Aldi use them a lot – but this Poundland one is a little different:

What the discount supermarkets tend to do is put two baskets up for scrutiny and highlight the difference in price.

But when you actually examine the baskets, they’re almost always asking you to switch away from branded products towards their cheaper alternatives.

Kelloggs Corn Flakes for Kolleggs Korn Flaches; that sort of thing.

But the Poundland ads don’t do that. Their message is simple:

“You can buy EXACTLY the same thing you’re already buying from us, same brand, same size, same everything and it’ll cost you less money, which during a cost-of-living crisis, will probably be pretty helpful”

Poundland have thought about one of the biggest reasons why people wouldn’t buy from them, and nullified it in a well communicated, topical piece of marketing.

When was the last time you considered all the reasons why someone WOULDN’T buy from you, and counteracted those objections in your marketing?

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