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Jump in the deep end

Our kids can’t swim.

The six-year-old thinks he can – the other day I overheard him smugly telling his younger brother that he’ll “teach” him – but the truth is, he can’t.

It’s a situation that needs rectifying, which is why one of our New Year’s Resolutions is to get them comfortable in the water.

And I’m happy to say we’re succeeding so far – they had their first lesson yesterday morning and absolutely loved it.

We enjoyed it too, sipping tea on the sidelines, but only after an almighty dash around the grounds of the school where the lessons are held, desperately looking for a swimming pool, in lieu of ANY communication from the swimming teacher telling us where to go.

You see, the company putting on the lessons did a pretty good job of the front-end marketing and sales process, enough for us to sign on the dotted line anyway.

But the back-end? Not so much.

No email detailing exactly where the lessons are, when they start, what to bring and what to expect.

No welcome video, showcasing what a session looks like, so we could show our slightly apprehensive four-year-old that he had nothing to worry about.

No communication about kit – turns out they need a swimming hat, which they could easily have sold to us, bundled up in a welcome pack with a water bottle or something.

Marketing shouldn’t stop when you win a customer – communicating well once they’ve bought from you is the ticket to getting them to stick around, buy more stuff from you, and refer other customers too.

So, the year is young: jump in the deep end this week and work on your marketing – not just the customer getting stuff, but the customer keeping stuff too.

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