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I give it a year

There’s a newish restaurant in our neighbourhood, and I’d wager a significant sum it’ll be gone by this time next year.

I drive past it three to four times a week, often at peak eating time, and it’s always empty, just one lonely waiter polishing and repolishing the sign outside it.

Same story with the business that had the unit before them – big fanfare when opening, closed within six months.

Now, their location might mean they’re going into this fight with one arm tied behind their back – it’s in a residential area, without much footfall.

But when people don’t bump into you, you need to try even harder to put yourself in front of them.

Despite living 100 metres away, I’ve had zero marketing to let me know the restaurant is here – no leaflet, no Facebook Ads, no compelling reason to give them a try.

They’ve just set up, put out their A-board, and hoped for the best.

They’re not alone though – it’s the approach plenty of business owners take when it comes to their online shopfront.

You might have the best website on the planet, but if no one visits it, it may as well have been designed in MS-DOS.

So as we start a brand new week, this is your tap on the shoulder:

What are you doing to market your business this week? How are you driving prospects towards you?

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, hopefully this is the nudge you need to find some.

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