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Hunt’s Hungry Hippos

Budget today in all but name, as Jeremy sets out tax rises and spending cuts.

And recession on the way too. Economy shrinking. Fewer customers to go round.

What does it mean for us? The people who own and run businesses?

Well, I’ve been listening to the radio these last couple of days, and every interview with a business owner seems to suggest that most of them have the same solution…

Belt tightening. Cost cutting. More government support please.

I’ve got bad news for you. You can’t keep punching new holes in the belt, and you certainly can’t sit patiently and wait for the government to help you out; they’ve got a financial black hole of their own to fill.

There IS good news for many business owners though.

The easiest cost to cut in most businesses is marketing. It’s the first spend to go, so that books can be balanced today, bonuses can be paid, and we’ll worry about the lack of leads when we have to cross that bridge. Perhaps the extra government support will have kicked in by then.

So should you cut YOUR marketing spend during a recession?

Think of it like Hungry Hippos: game starts, loads of balls in the middle, everyone hitting their hippo as fast as they can, gobbling balls up.

Twenty seconds later, there aren’t as many balls left. What do you do?

Do you slow down, because there are fewer to go around?

Only if you want to go hungry.

More likely, you’ll go up a gear and start hitting your hippo even FASTER.

History shows us that in recession, when there is less spend in almost every market, most businesses reduce their marketing activity to try and make ends meet.

A handful of businesses go the other way: they know that the number of buyers has dropped by a couple of percentage points, but because everybody else has dialled down their marketing to focus on punching new holes in old belts, the customers that are left can be acquired easier and more cheaply than ever before.

Now is the time to hit your hippo harder and faster than before. As your competitors beat a fearful retreat, cowering in the corner and waiting for Rishi to launch the 2023 version of Eat Out To Help Out, you can steal their customers away on the cheap.

We work with dozens of businesses who revel in doing the unexpected. They see what their competitors do and go the opposite way. They are not waiting for government handouts, or for someone else to magically solve every challenge, they are taking responsibility for feeding their own hippo.

We’ve got a couple of spots open at the moment to join them, and work with us in 2023.

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