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How to get TikTok to work for you

TikTok has EXPLODED in recent months, and now it’s reached a critical mass, plenty of business owners are asking the question:

“How can I get it to work for me?”

It’s an understandable question, but it’s not actually the right one.


Because it starts with media – it’s a question that focuses on a specific platform, and tries to shoehorn your marketing efforts into that platform.

But here’s the thing: going on TikTok might be absolutely the WRONG thing for you to do.

As with all of these medias, it depends on who you are, who you serve, and what your aims are.

So, how can you work out whether TikTok is right for you?

Ask three different questions first:

  • Who is my market?
  • What marketing message do I want to get in front of them?
  • Which media is going to be most effective at getting that message in front of them?

Then, if the answer to the last question is TikTok, you can get cracking on the platform, testing, tweaking and improving.

Market, message, media. In that order. Always.

It’s the same with Facebook, same with Twitter, same with Instagram, same with email.

Starting with media is a surefire way to make poor decisions with your marketing, so as we all define our marketing strategies, it’s vital we don’t forget the 3 Ms, and their non-negotiable order.

If you’d like to understand more about how you can put this principle into practice, I quizzed Thom on exactly this topic the other day – click here to watch what he said now.

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