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Mrs D left me at the weekend.

Nothing too serious, she’s gone away for seven nights of sun, sea and speaking Spanish.

But that leaves me flying solo with our daughter Lilly for a whole week.


She’s four. So we’re on a level.

But she’s keeping me DOUBLE busy.

She needs to go swimming, wants to go cinema, needs to get to gymnastics, wants to go to the cinema again (same film, 4th time!).

I did have some of my own plans for this week, but they are firmly on the back-burner until Mrs D returns.

Life is SO much easier when there’s two of us here to share the load.

Same with business though, when you’re spinning all of the plates on your own it’s probably less Cirque du Soleil and more Greek Taverna.

When you’ve got someone else pulling in the same direction everything becomes much easier.

That’s what Ideal Result does for all of the business owners we work with; pull in the same direction, share the load, help them out.

I can’t wait to have Mrs D back on Saturday, and if you’re keeping all the plates spinning maybe you might want to find someone who can help you out too.

Talk soon


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