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Harry Kane hippo

Seb treated me to a romantic evening in front of Tottenham vs Marseille last night.

I jest, I love football, and despite being an avid Palace fan, I can get behind the Lillywhites any day of the week.

…Apart from when they’ve got a direct freekick on goal and they do what they always do: turn to Harry Kane.

If you’re not into football, the nation’s beloved Kane is a prolific goalscorer, but the last time he scored from a freekick was nearly ten years ago.

Inevitably, when the team deferred to Kane last night, he failed to convert once again, and it reminded me of a podcast I heard about hippos the other day.

Nothing to do with those toothy water giants, but the tendency many businesses seem to have to defer to the HIPPO (the “highest paid person’s opinion”) when it comes to their marketing:

“I never watch videos so we won’t film any…”

“I’m not a fan of Facebook, we’ll avoid advertising there…”

The best marketing is data-driven, rather than dictated by the whims of one person.

Is your home page any good? Google Analytics and conversion metrics will tell you, not a graphic designer.

How effective is your follow-up sequence? The number of leads and sales it delivers will give you all the answers you need.

Without knowing your marketing numbers, you’ll never have a clear plan to work from, and end up hitting and hoping each time just like our dear Harry.

But when you do know them, you’ve got all the tools you need to make your marketing more effective. If you want some help tracking and tweaking, give us a shout.

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