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Happy birthday to me!

It was my birthday yesterday, and I had an absolute blast – Julie and Lilly spoilt me rotten.

But they weren’t the only ones wishing me many happy returns.

I had several emails from companies and brands I’ve bought from before, most of them offering me something or other – a bottle of Prosecco here, a 25% discount on some trainers there.

Some might dismiss ‘birthday offers’ as a bit gimmicky, but not me – finding an excuse to create an offer and deadline in your business just makes good sense.

Maybe a birthday offer isn’t the right one for you, but another date will be (your business anniversary for example) but regardless, the principle of creating a reason to send an offer and slapping a hard and fast deadline on it is a smart one.

It doesn’t even have to be a hard-and-fast date that’s already in the calendar – you might want to create your own a la Amazon Prime Day – but however you do it, chances are it’s worth giving a try.

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