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Gramps will be delighted

Who else has had a conversation about Bounty bars this week?

My Grandpa will be delighted – he used to import the desiccated coconuts for them (which has always been a bit of a sore point between us).

…But Gramps won’t be anywhere near as pleased as Mars was after their simple PR stunt came off.

(In case you missed it, Mars released a press release last week about Bounty-free Celebrations tubs which will be on sale this Christmas – apparently because 39% of sensible chocolate chompers said they’d love to have them banished.)

It got everyone talking – Lorraine Kelly tweeted that she was NOT amused. Piers bloody Morgan said they’d killed Christmas. Dan Walker ran a twitter poll and Richard Osman called it mutiny.

And in one fell swoop, Mars made sure that everyone’s got Celebrations on their mind in the run-up to Christmas – AND they’re only actually selling a handful of the Bountyless version. Genius.

Being front of mind is crucial if you want your product or service to get chosen over your competitors’ – not just at Christmas time either.

What regular activity are you doing to touch base with your audience and make sure it’s you they think of whenever it’s time to buy?

Also… Which tub are you getting – Bounty-free or Bounty…ful?!

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