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Getting stressy in the garden centre

I nearly lost it in a garden centre this morning.

Between radiator valves, parquet floors, light switch placements and now patio slabs, I’ve found myself with a few too many decisions to make.

I knew this was coming – we’ve arrived at the internals stage of our single storey extension and a lot of products need to be ordered ready for fitting in the next month or so.

If you’d asked me six weeks ago, I’d have told you I was excited about finally making our house what we want it to be, not what the previous owners did.

When you’re standing in the yard of the biggest garden centre you’ve ever seen, facing more than 50 patio slab samples, knowing which one is the one is suddenly faintly overwhelming.

But as I turned from the slabs and decided to ignore them a while longer, I saw the silver lining of my first world problem: a marketing lesson. Thank goodness.

You see, as I’m writing this email – hours after the garden centre incident – we still haven’t made a decision, even though the builder wanted to put an order in this morning.

It’s the same story with the wooden floor AND the light switches too. Our poor builder.

But it proves the point that giving your customers too much choice can quickly lead to no choice being made at all.

Are you falling foul of the curry menu phenomenon (where everyone orders the chicken tikka masala to save having to read the rest)? Or are you selling your products and services more prescriptively than that, on your terms?

Rather than asking your customers what they’d like, try telling them what you think would work best for them and see what difference it makes.

Whether that’s by offering three different service packages or narrowing down your product list to just a few options, reducing the risk of decision fatigue could just be the thing that makes you more sales this year.


P.S. I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but, genuinely, if you do have any pearls of wisdom I should think about when choosing the patio – please hit reply!

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