Fast food furore - Ideal Result
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Fast food furore

I’m trying to watch what I eat at the moment – the results of some festive overindulgence have taken longer to shift than I’d hoped.

But even so, I’m definitely going to be seeking out a Chicken Big Mac over the next couple of days.

If you’re not a fast-food fanatic, you probably missed the furore last month, when McDonalds launched the brand-new burger, only to have to withdraw it a week later because it was too popular.

It’s now back, but only till March 15th, or ‘until stocks last’, which – if the first launch is anything to go by, won’t be very long.

There’s plenty to learn from super successful limited edition launches like this:

1. The lure of the NEW

Let’s level with each other – it’s a chicken burger, and it’s very similar to lots of items already on the menu. But because it’s new and novel, people are falling over themselves to try it.

2. Deadlines drive action

McDonalds are masters at this concept – they regularly make limited edition items available for small amounts of time, driving way more sales than they would if they just had the items available all year round.

3. Genuine scarcity works

When you’re concerned you’re going to miss out if you don’t take action, you’re much more likely to act, and with the item having already been removed once because of demand, there’s genuine scarcity, which will result in more sales.

Most businesses can take something from yet another McDonalds marketing masterclass – how can you take these principles to make your marketing better?

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