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Emperor’s new threads

Marketing isn’t difficult, I don’t think it ever has been.

The fundamentals never change – some people will want or need what you’ve got, they just don’t know it yet.

They’ve got YOUR money in THEIR pocket, they just don’t know that yet either.

Show them the thing. Unlock the prize.

What does change is the tactics, the platforms, the trickery.

You’re on my list, so you’re smarter than the average bear; you’ll know the tricks.

  • Starting an email with the old “Hi {First.Name}” – like you’ve just written that highly impersonal e-newsletter to send to one person.
  • The we’ve got “Mr X” speaking at our event – because if we told you who it was you’d keep your money in your wallet.
  • The solo podcast illusion, where someone films themselves talking into a microphone and pretends they’re being interviewed by someone else, never to be heard or seen on camera.

All tactics and tricks, and they’ll only carry you so far on their own.

Understand the fundamentals of marketing, and customer acquisition becomes a whole lot easier.

Today saw the launch of “Threads” – a brand spanking social platform that’ll gift our wannabe marketing magicians many opportunities for new trickery. Just as Instagram and TikTok (as well as Pinterest and Clubhouse) have before them.

The real magic is understanding who your best prospect is and which tricks they HAVEN’T seen yet, because what seems old hat to a savvy marketer like you might be today’s news to your would-be buyer.

As my favourite childhood magician would say – “That’s Magic!”

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