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Email DEAD? Nope, it’s the most effective and reliable marketing that most B2B businesses can do (oh, and it’s the cheapest too)

We help businesses to get more customers, and for most, the most impactful thing we do is email marketing.

It’s possible that we’re really bad at everything else, but it’s more likely that email marketing actually works. You being here is the only proof this pudding needs.

Email marketing is easy when you know how, and we don’t think that anybody takes it as seriously as we do, because most marketing companies are focussed¬†on selling sexy stuff like Facebook Ads or TikTok tactics. There’s no money in email, because everybody knows how to write an email and press send – don’t they?

Sure they can, sending some emails is dead easy, but doing it right isn’t so straightforward… ¬†what do you send?… when do you send it?… HOW do you send it?

And who do you send it to?

Oh, and GDPR.

We asked some of our clients to talk about how easy it was to get started with email marketing in their business, and what the results have been now that they’re doing it consistently, you can watch that video at the top of this page.

So the question is, could email marketing work for your business?

And the answer is – probably, yes.

  • Are you a B2B business?
  • Have you got a website?
  • Have you got capacity for new customers?

If the answer to all of those is yes, we should talk. Book a call below.

Ryan does the thinking, testing and implementing of ALL of our email marketing, he’s sending more emails than a Nigerian prince, which is why all our clients love to pick his brains about how they could be using email more effectively.
This call is your chance to pick his brains for free. I told him he was stupid to let people book straight into his diary, but don’t miss the chance while he’s trying to prove me wrong

Mark Creaser
Managing Partner, Ideal Result

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