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Drink ‘n’ shop

I went on a cruise to Alaska last week.

(Big shout out to James Cole and Panache Cruises for organising the whole thing for us.)

It was my second cruise, and just like last time, I loved the mix of spending time on the ship, and getting off for excursions.

And in the Alaskan city of Juneau, I saw a pretty smart trick a shop was using to drive people in through their doors.

Well aware that people coming off the boat are likely to fancy a nose around a shop AND a coffee, they’re catering for both, securing people who otherwise would have walked past in search of the nearest Starbucks.

And guess what? The shop was packed, full of people who otherwise would have walked on looking for their caffeine fix.

They’re buying prospects for the few cents it costs to make a coffee, and they know that cruisers are spenders; give them something nice to buy, and plenty of them will.

It’s not a complicated strategy, but it works: get people’s attention by giving them something they value for free, then get your product in front of them.

What’s your free cup of coffee?

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