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Controversial opinion

This is a statement that usually makes me pretty unpopular, but here goes nothing:

I LOVE winter.

For a lot of people, the clocks going back is a bad thing.

It’s a sign that summer is now a distant memory and that the days that stretch out ahead of us will consist of journeys home from the office in the dark, scraping the ice off the windscreen and feeling the biting cold as you step out of the house.

But for me, the period between the clocks going back and Christmas is one of my favourites of the entire year.

It speaks to me of warm pubs after walks and pints of Guinness in front of the fire, of slippers and blankets on the sofa in front of the TV, of sweet and savoury pies, cinnamon and stews.

In other words, it’s the contrast between the bitter cold outside and the cosy warmth inside that I love – the juxtaposition between the icy breeze and the blast of heating when you get over the threshold.

But here’s the thing: all of the things I adore about this season are only able to reach that level of adoration because of the context that you experience them in.

In other words, because they act as the antidote to everything that’s difficult about winter, they’re elevated in my thinking.

Using a compare and contrast technique like this in your sales copy is a smart way to elevate your product or service, and if you’re solving a genuine problem with what you sell, it’s not hard to achieve, using the ‘pain, agitate, solution’ formula to:

  1. State the pain, difficulty or problem facing your prospect
  2. Agitate and accentuate that pain by talking about it in more details, as well as drawing out the results and implications that arise from it
  3. Provide the solution in the form of what you sell, directly contrasting the outcomes that your prospect will gain from it with the ‘before’ state of pain

Prove to your prospect that you’re the cosy antidote to their winter, and your sales copy will be far more effective.


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