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Center Parcs

I learnt to swim at Center Parcs.

Despite being pretty young, I remember it well – the feeling of pride, the plastic lily pads, and the heavy scent of chlorine no doubt doing its job as hundreds flocked to the swimming pool.

That was always my abiding memory of the place, the thing I associated with it.

Until this week of course.

I won’t write a blow-by-blow account of the litany of errors made by Center Parcs this week, as no doubt you’re aware of their initial plans to close the place down and evict their guests, then – after back tracking – the attempt to impose a Covid-style lockdown during the day of the funeral, before finally rowing back and graciously allowing their guests to remain while informing them that nothing they’ve paid for will be open.

For millions now, Center Parcs will be associated with this silliness, this (no doubt well intentioned) attempt to pay respects.

And it’s a lesson for all of us in understanding our audiences, in the propositions we put together and the content we use to engage with them.

To really engage with an audience, and help them form a positive association with you, you need to know them, understand their likes, dislikes, what moves them, what turns them off and so on and so forth.

So many businesses disregard this, putting things in place that annoy their customers, or creating marketing that doesn’t resonate, because they simply haven’t worked hard enough to understand the people they want to buy from them.

How well do you know your prospect? And how effective are you at creating content that resonates with them?

If the answers to those questions are anything other than, “Exceptionally well” and “Extremely”,there is work to be done, more leads to be generated, and more sales to be made.

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