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Will 2022 Be The Year You FINALLY Get The Business You Want And Have More Money, Less Stress And More Quality Time With The People You Love?

As we reach the end of a very strange year, NOW is the time to decide how you’ll beat the rising cost of living in 2022 and achieve exactly what you want for your business, your family and your bank account…

It’s been a strange old year, 2021.

January ushered in the third of the Lockdown Trilogy, which seemed to last forever and a day, and by the time we all emerged from hibernation with our eyes blinking, it was spring.

Which quickly turned to summer, rolled into autumn and took us to where we are now, staring down the barrel of Christmas, New Year, and another 12 months stretched out ahead of us.

Along the way we’ve had coronavirus, of course, as well as new budgets, new taxes, and new worries about inflation.

Whatever sort of year we’ve had, whether it’s been a stellar one, or one we’d rather forget, attention is now turning to one place, and one place only: 


The truth is that no one knows what the next 12 months is going to bring.

But what we DO know is that your success over the next year will be down to two things:
Your ability to get customers
Your ability to keep customers

That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes, 2021 has been a horror show in many respects, but it’s also been an annus mirabilis for lots of businesses.

Emma Mills over at MiPA has DOUBLED her turnover, grown her team significantly and moved into a big, shiny new office to cope with the next phase of growth. 

Mark Chase of Lemonchase has enjoyed 166% increases on his monthly revenue, while maintaining his status as the client with the most sartorial elegance.

James Cole at Panache Cruises has gone from a standing start in 2020 to making six figures of sales each month, many of those sales made when people weren’t even allowed to go on cruises.

James Donald is just a handful of members away from becoming the biggest Little Kickers franchisee in the UK, growing from around 600 members to over 2,000, while working a four-day week so he can hang out with his adorable kids.

The list goes on, but you get the point: even in the chaos of Covid, even in the midst of restrictions, even with tax rises and spiralling inflation, there are businesses not just making it work, but reporting stellar growth.

And not just numbers on a spreadsheet either, better lives too:  more holidays, more time off, bigger houses, dream cars.

Because, let’s face it, that’s what it’s all about – making the most of the time we get, and being able to do the stuff we love, with the people we love.

And after the two years we’ve just had, it’s even more important that we all take steps to do more of the stuff we want:

  • MORE holidays you’ll remember forever.
  • MORE afternoons off so you can pick up the kids and take them for ice cream.
  • MORE time and money to spend on your hobbies and the stuff you enjoy.

Oh, and less of the stuff we really don’t:

  • FEWER evenings spent in the office, when you should be doing bathtime, bedtime and then sitting back with a glass of wine.
  • LESS stress, worrying about how you’re going to make payroll and pay the VAT bill.
  • LESS time spent awake at night, worrying about how you’re going to pay the school fees, or when you’re going to retire.

For most of us, THAT’S what we want out of our 2022 and beyond, and the truth is that the extent to which you’re going to be able to have the life you want will be completely governed by the two things we’ve already mentioned:

Getting more customers
Keeping the ones you’ve got

There’s nothing controversial about that, and chances are you’re in agreement: the key to success in your business (and your life as a result) is your ability to attract and retain customers and clients.

But despite this, most business owners focus little or no energy on making sure that those two things happen, week in, week out in their businesses.

And there are usually two reasons why:

1. You don’t have clarity on precisely what you need to do to get and keep more customers

Whatever you want to achieve in 2022 and beyond, it’s highly likely you’ll need to make more sales and create more customers. 

And here’s the issue: getting customers is easier said than done, particularly in the turbulent world we live in at the moment.

Things in the marketing world have changed A LOT over the last two decades, and they continue to change at a frightening pace. 

It’s not just the fact that the Internet has come along and disrupted things for businesses – now it’s the case that what USED to work on the Internet no longer works.

As media spend moves from television and radio to Google and Facebook, the price of traffic continues to rise, pricing most small businesses out of the market, and starving them of the lead generation techniques that worked so brilliantly from 2006 to 2014. 

But where do you go when you can’t rely on the usual forms of “lead generation”?  How do you generate enough leads?  How do you get enough customers?

Should you be investing more time in social media?  Email marketing?  Direct mail?

It’s these questions that paralyse most business owners into inaction, for the simple reason that they don’t have the answers, and as a result, they don’t do the right stuff (or anything for that matter) that’ll bring them closer to where they want to be.

Add into this the fact that the coronavirus has changed things for many millions of people – financial circumstances, habits, interests, way of life – and it makes the marketing landscape even harder to navigate.

2. You don’t have the time and/or ability to do what you need to in order to acquire and retain more customers

Even if a business does happen to have a good grasp on what they need to do to generate leads and get customers at the moment, that doesn’t mean that they’re able to do it. 

In its purest form, marketing to get customers is a simple process, but along the way there are areas of expertise necessary for success; from knowing how to make the most of Facebook to knowing how to construct a compelling message with copywriting, and if you don’t have these areas of expertise at your disposal, the chances of you succeeding are diminished.

And once again, even if you do have these areas of expertise, the chances are you don’t have the time necessary to commit properly.

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Here lies the problem: you want more customers and more revenue, and you want to survive and thrive in this challenging economic climate with the cost of living rising, but experience tells you that if you keep going as you always have, you’re probably not going to achieve that.

Which means something needs to change.

Firstly, you need absolute clarity on what you should be doing, and secondly you need help to get that stuff done.

And in case you hadn’t guessed already, that’s exactly why we’re writing this for you.

Over the last six-and-a-half years, we’ve worked with a carefully selected group of six, seven and eight figure business owners, helping them to get more customers, keep more customers, generate more revenue and keep more profit.
  • We’ve done that by helping them grow their lists, build trust with their audiences and sell more effectively.
  • We’ve been involved every step of the way, from the conception of the overall strategy, through to the specific detail of the sales message.
  • We’ve got our hands dirty, tweaking and polishing copy.
  • We’ve advised them on the best way to build their databases and held their hands through the process.
  • We’ve helped them launch new sales initiatives and create new products and services

And – to put it bluntly – it’s worked.  We’ve been vital figures in our clients’ businesses, helping them sell millions of pounds worth of stuff.
Those businesses we mentioned at the top?  The ones that have had incredible years in 2021? All Ideal Result clients.

As a result of our help, clients have been able to: 
  • Go on more holidays
  • Spend more time with the people they love
  • Have a better work/life balance
  • Drive the car they’ve always wanted to drive
  • Afford the house of their dreams
  • Feel safe and secure, knowing that their finances are in order

And during the last couple of years, when things have been very tricky for plenty of businesses, it’s fair to say that we’ve risen to the occasion, working around the clock to provide our clients with much needed guidance and support to get through this tricky period.

  • We’ve helped them create new, profitable revenue streams.
  • We’ve assisted them to capitalise on cheaper online traffic and build large databases that will be monetised for years to come.
  • We’ve helped them continue communicating with their audiences, ensuring that they didn’t ‘go dark’ on them, and kept the relationship strong.

And, ultimately, we’ve helped them to continue generating leads and making sales, assisting them to live the lives they want for themselves and their families.

We’re delighted to have had a positive impact in their lives, and we’re keen to help more business owners in exactly the same way.

And that’s why we’re opening our doors again, and inviting just five more business owners to work with us as Private Clients in 2022.

You see, all of our existing clients started with their own goals, and each of them had the same problem you’re facing now – you’ve got ambitions, but you haven’t got a plan for HOW you’re going to achieve them in 2022, and even if you DO have a plan, you don’t have the skills, knowledge or time you need to implement it.

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Let us help…

When you become an Ideal Result client, you get our eight strong team – Mark Creaser, Thom Smith, Seb Greenwood, Davina James, Grace Greenwood, Ryan Davies, Calum Archibald and Krystal Blackwell – “on tap” to help you with any and every element of your marketing.

Mark Creaser

Mark Creaser

Thom Smith

Thom Smith

Seb Greenwood

Seb Greenwood

Davina James

Davina James

Operations & Finance
Grace Greenwood

Grace Greenwood

Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies

Head of Content
Calum Archibald

Calum Archibald

Krystal Blackwell

Krystal Blackwell

Head of Design

And, if you know anything about us, you won’t be surprised to know that we structure our help around the most eternal principle in marketing – the concept of “market, message, media”.
Here’s what we do:

1. Help you define, reach and contact your market

Who is your product for?  Who should be buying it?  When we work with you, we’ll get very, very clear on the answer to that question, and give you the benefit of our expertise when it comes to understanding who you want to work with.

Then we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to reach your market in the best way possible. 

We believe that relationship is the key to long-term marketing success, so typically this stage will see us helping you attain contact details from as many of the right people as possible, allowing you to build a relationship with them on an ongoing basis.

How do you get the contact details?  What’s the best way to reach them?  We’ll go through all of that with a fine toothcomb, leaving you with a solid plan for how you’re going to build your database and generate the right sort of leads for your business.

2. Work with you to construct a strong, compelling message that speaks to the people you want to do business with

Between us we’ve constructed sales messages that have resulted in many millions of pounds worth of revenue and profit, and it’s that experience that you’ll lean on when you become one of our Private Clients.

In short, we know why people buy stuff, and when you work with us we’ll dive deep into your products and services and understand what the true benefits are before helping you construct a message that reaches your audience on a deep level, communicates and highlights their core desires and helps you make the sales you want.

Whether it’s weekly relationship building content that primes your audience and builds trust, or the sharp end of hard-hitting sales letters, we’ll be there every step of the way, using our years of hard-won copywriting expertise to get the right words in the right place at the right time.

3. Assist you in selecting the media most likely to deliver you the customers and revenue you want to achieve your goals

Understanding where to invest your advertising pounds is harder than ever before.

Not only is there a huge number of different options available, but there’s also a thousand and one coaches and consultants giving you their tuppenceworth on the right media for you.

And here’s the issue with that: so often these coaches and consultants happen to be experts in a particular media, whether it’s Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter or TikTok, and, unsurprisingly, it’s that particular media that they insist you must use.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar, where you’ve been told to use a particular new platform and had disappointing results from it – it’s a situation that happens every day, and it’s not likely to result in success.

Combine the coaches’ questionable motives with the sheer quantity of media options, and it’s easy to understand why people get bamboozled and either make the wrong choice, or don’t make one at all.

That’s where we can help.  We work with a vast range of clients, in a diverse range of sectors.

We work with B2C businesses, like car garages, mortgage brokers, travel companies, estate agents and crematoriums.

We also work with B2B businesses, like HR consultants, virtual assistants, software companies, and web designers.

On a weekly basis, we can be doing something as simple as helping a printer to get more leaflet sales, to something as complex as getting more clients for a marine engineering specialist. 

We’ve got a huge amount of experience, across a multitude of sectors, and that means that our advice is never based on one industry, but rather based on what we think will work for that specific client.

And because we work with so many businesses, and so many medias, we don’t have a bias towards any particular method of getting customers – if a media isn’t right for your business, we won’t recommend you use it.

For example, we know that Facebook Ads obviously aren’t the answer for our marine engineering client – and if it’s not the answer, we won’t do it.

In short, we help you with every step of your marketing journey, working hand-in-hand with you to get the stuff done that’ll help you get the customers you need to achieve what you want.

Do we do it all for you?  Not on your nelly.

You don’t commission us to do some work and then just sit back and watch, because, let’s face it – how many successful businesses have EVER been built like that?

But while we’re not ‘done for you’, we’re much closer to that way of working than we are to the ‘teach, preach and leave’ model that so many coaches and consultants favour.

  • If it’s easier for us to rewrite a piece of copy than tell you how to improve it, then we’ll do it.
  • If you need us to dive into your CRM and work something out, or fix something, then we’ll do it.
  • If you need a landing page designed for a sales campaign, Krystal will be all over it.
  • If you need Smithy to wave his magic Facebook wand on your ads, then we’ll make that happen.

Essentially, what you’re getting when you work with Ideal Result is eight highly experienced marketers on your team, in your corner and 100% dedicated to your success, at your disposal to help, guide and do some of the heavy lifting.

And when you apply to work with us in 2022, you’re getting an experienced marketing team who’ll help you do what you need to do to achieve your goals for next year.

  • Maybe you’ve seen what we’ve done over the last few years, and you’ve been interested, but you’ve never been totally sure about what we do or why it’s right for you.
  • Maybe we’ve only recently come onto your radar and you’re looking for a marketing team to help you get some stuff done.
  • Maybe your business hasn’t quite been in a position to justify the investment in the past, but now you’re ready to invest to grow.
Wherever you’re at, there’s a very good chance that this is now the ideal time for you to become a Private Client.

Not only has the pandemic changed the game, creating new markets, new consumer habits and new ways of marketing, but with the economy rebounding and the people who sat on their money starting to spend it, there’s a wave of spending coming over the coming year.

We’ve been helping our clients get and keep customers for nearly seven years now.

Several clients have been with us since our very first year, with more than 20 of them having worked with us for over 4 years now. The reason why is simple.  It works.

We’ve barely changed our “proposition” in that time, because when we find something that works, we don’t believe in tinkering with it too much.

So here’s ‘the proposition’:

We help you to get the things done that’ll have the biggest impact on you getting and keeping more customers.  Whether it’s crafting more sales copy, building your list, engaging better with your prospects or creating and selling a premium product, we’ll be there every step of the way, working with you to make it happen.

The clients who’ve been on board for a while understand this, but we know full well that it’s not as easy to understand for someone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand.

Start your application now

So for ease of understanding, here’s HOW we do what we do:

Scheduled 1:1 Support Whenever You Want.

Whether you want to Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or just talk on the phone, you can schedule 1:1s with any of us whenever you like.

We can discuss whatever you want, from your big picture to the smallest minutiae of your marketing or business. We can hold you accountable and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals, we can be your sounding board or your sense check, whatever you need.

Oh, you’re welcome to come and do your 1:1 in our offices too. Just like Zoom, only with more biscuits.

Anytime Calls Whenever You Need Them 

When you come on board as a Private Client, you’ll get all our mobile numbers.  You can feel free to contact us whenever you want, and if we can’t answer you immediately, we promise to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Half-day Strategic Direction Session 

Over the last few years, we’ve learned that the better you know someone, the better the quality of advice you can give them.

Context and understanding is important. That’s why we’ll schedule a half-day session when you become an Ideal Result client.

Half a day consultancy with one of us is £1500+, but this session is INCLUDED for our Private Clients, and you’ll get at least two of us.

Your session will take place in our beautiful barn in the Midlands, just a stone’s throw from Birmingham International, and we’ve got everything we need to make it a really useful meeting: coffee, biscuits, a video studio, and several razor-sharp marketing minds. 

You’ll come away from your half-day session with crystal clear clarity on exactly what you need to be doing to implement your plan and achieve your goals for 2022, and then together we’ll get started on making it happen.

Access to Ideal Result Meetings

Over the years, we’ve learnt that for some people, getting around the table with other business owners is HUGELY valuable.

As a result, we like to hold several meetings a year, and invite all our clients.

Next year, we’re running six big meetings, three “home” meetings in the Midlands, and three “away” meetings scattered around the country.

You’ll have access to members of the Ideal Result team in those meetings, and we’ll typically share some practical and useful content with you, as well as spending some time ‘Fasterminding’ as a group, giving specific attention to problems or opportunities within each other’s businesses.

Once we’ve wrapped up for the day, we’ll head to bar and then out for dinner, on us.

In addition, we also run a number of smaller, more intimate meetings at our Barn in Meriden. 

Again, it’s a round-table format, but we usually cap the numbers at about eight, to retain the feel of a small meeting.

Some of our clients come to ALL of our meetings, others come to NONE, so the meetings aren’t a ‘make or break’ part of working with us. 

But for the right person, they can be hugely valuable, and as an Ideal Result client, you’ll get an invite to each and every one.

Access To Videographer In Our Solihull Studio

Video’s become even more important over the last couple of years, and it’s fair to say that if you’re not currently using video in your marketing, you’re missing out on leads and sales.

Ryan Davies is our Head of Content, and is a world class videographer to boot. 

You can work directly with Ryan, with straightforward videos shot in our Barn included in your subscription, and Ideal Result client exclusive discounted rates if you need him to do something more complicated or to travel to you.

Tweak And Polish Service

Let’s face facts, not everyone is a A* copywriter.  But half of the Ideal Result team is – Mark Creaser, Seb Greenwood, Calum Archibald and Grace Greenwood have all earned their stripes, writing emails and sales letters than have generated many millions of pounds.

Send us your sales letters, your postcards, your landing pages, your flyers, your Facebook ads and your autoresponders. We’ll use our experience to make them better.

But it’s not just the copy where we’ll get involved.  Make us Admin on your Facebook Ad manager; give us access to your CRM.  Get your WordPress login to our web designer Krystal, and she’ll help you make your website work better.

Where we can help to make things better, get campaigns live and make you more money, we will.

Facebook Ad Management

If it’s the right thing for your business, you can have one of the UK’s best Facebook Ad managers running your ads for you. 

Thom Smith’s been using the ad platform day in, day out for the last 11 years, since Ads very first launched in the UK, and having generated millions of leads in that time, he’s well placed to help you make Facebook a success.

Exclusive Private Client Invitations

We like to have fun, and as one of our clients, you’ll have the chance to join us.

If we’re doing something good, we’ll invite you along. Whether it’s a day at the races, an afternoon watching the cricket or a round of golf with Smithy, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to spend time with us, having fun and – if you want – picking our brains.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve done plenty – a couple of days in Salcombe, BBQs, test matches, race days, an Ideal Result football match, the list goes on, and we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline for 2022. 

As well as adhoc invites, each summer we run our Portugal retreat.  Our clients get themselves there and sort out their hotel rooms, and we take care of the rest.

We want to work with people who enjoy life, and who enjoy working with us, and these client events give us the chance to get to know each other much better.

Your Commitment To Partnership 

We’re serious about working with a small group of business owners who can leverage our expertise and experience and commit to working with us on a long-term basis. 

That’s what we already do, and we’ve got no wish to rock the boat by working with new businesses who are going to be ‘here today and gone tomorrow’.

There’s rarely a ‘silver bullet’ in marketing – we won’t just be able to turn up, wave a magic wand and make everything in your business better on day one, and if you’re considering becoming an Ideal Result client, it’s important that you know that.

We will make your business better, easier and more profitable though. Know that for sure. 

Change and improvement will come through a series of incremental changes over time, and we only want to work with business owners who understand that. That’s why we ask for a 6-month commitment from you when you become a Private Client.

Start your application now

Is Becoming An Ideal Result Private Client Right For You?

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably at least a little interested in what Ideal Result can do for you, for your business and for your lifestyle.

But you might still be wondering. So let’s spell it out:

If you’ve been part of other coaching groups and masterminds, but never been overly impressed, this is for you.

We’ll make no bones about it: there are a lot of people in the business growth space.  Coaches, consultants, authors, thought leaders and experts, the list goes on and on and on.

And without wanting to tar everyone with the same brush, a huge proportion of the “expert” space suffers from at least one of two problems:

1. They’re media specific

If your specialism is events, then you’re going to tell people to run events.  If it’s Google Ads, then you’re going to encourage them to run Google Ads. 

Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn; you name it, it’s the same deal. 

Private Clients is different.  We’re media agnostic, which means that we’ll only advise you on the right media for your business once we’ve got to know your market and message.

2. They want to get paid but distance themselves from the result

Run a coaching group, and you can tell people what they could and should be doing, but you’re able to divorce yourself from the result by saying that they haven’t implemented your advice the way they should have done.

Once again, Private Clients is different. 

You see, we’re in this for the long haul, as our impressive retention attests to.

We simply have no interest in bringing people on for six months who’ll then leave because they don’t get results.

For us, it’s all about the result, and the reality is that we’re only happy when we’re helping you to achieve what you want to achieve.

If you know that marketing will be the key to you achieving what you want in 2022, but you either don’t know what to do, or you don’t have the time to do it, this is for you.

We specialise in getting business owners into the habit of regular marketing, and over time, that regular marketing results in more sales, more revenue and more profit.  If that sounds good to you, then becoming one of our clients is a sensible move.

If you know you need to be building an audience and creating content for that audience, but you don’t do it, this is for you.

In its truest form, marketing is very simple.  Find the right people, build trust with them and tell them about your product and service.  It’s that simple model that we follow with all of our clients, and although we might go about it in different ways depending on the business, we stick to the general principles like glue, because they work.

If you agree that that’s the way to market a business, but you don’t actually do any marketing, then working with Ideal Result can rid you of that inactivity, and make you start doing what you need to do.

If you’ve got a viable business, and you’re selling an ethical product or service that helps people, and you want to sell more of it, build a better, stronger business and create a better lifestyle for you and the people you love, then becoming an Ideal Result Private Client is for you.

We’re really proud of how we’ve helped our clients over the last two years, during what has been a really challenging time.

It really does feel so good to have such a positive impact and that’s why we do what we do.  

If you’d like a gang of expert marketers in your corner, actively invested in making sure your business is a success, then working with Ideal Result would be a fantastic first step. 

But before we get into the offer that you know is coming, let’s just be really clear about what Private Clients ISN’T and who it’s NOT right for:

Private Clients isn’t just another Mastermind group.

Because of the group element, it’s possible that you might just put us in the same box as the various “mastermind” groups out there, but that’d be a mistake.

Yes, we get our clients together several times a year, but that’s just one element of what we do, and as mentioned, plenty of our clients don’t ever come to meetings.

Where most Mastermind groups give you an hour’s access to your mentor every couple of months, we give you unlimited access to us EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

You won’t sit round the table with us and have to re-explain your business to us, because we’ll have been working with you on your marketing throughout the week anyway, and we’ll understand intimately what’s going on ‘under the hood’.

Private Clients isn’t for people looking for quick wins

No matter what the sellers from the stage tell you, it’s impossible to transform your business with one course or one product.  Progress will come from hard work, patience and the right understanding that allows you to do the right stuff. 

Come into Private Clients thinking that all your problems will be sorted in a couple of weeks, and you’ll leave disappointed, but come with a readiness and willingness to work on the right stuff, and it’ll be a different story.

Private Clients isn’t for people who can’t comfortably afford the investment

Look, we know Private Clients isn’t cheap, but for the right business owner, it’s incredibly good value for money.

If the idea of investing around £15k a year on an eight-strong team who really know their onions is out of your reach or really scares you, then the chances are that you’re not a great fit for us right now.

Private Clients isn’t for people who aren’t action takers

Private Clients is a partnership between you and us.  We promise to deliver on our side of the bargain, but you can’t sit idly by.  If you’re the kind of person who signs up for things but isn’t prepared to take genuine action, then Private Clients is definitely not for you.

Private Clients isn’t a like-for-like replacement for a junior marketer. It’s more effective and better value than that.

When people realise they need some help with their marketing, they’ll typically either look to outsource or bring someone in, and if they go for the latter option, typically it’ll be a junior marketer on something like £20-25k a year.

 The problem is that the junior marketer doesn’t actually know much about marketing beyond what they’ve been taught at uni and doesn’t have a great grasp on how to make sales or construct a compelling message in the real world.

If you’re really ambitious and you want someone ‘on the ground’ to do a lot of the work, then more power to you, but don’t assume that they’ll be able to have the same impact that we have on our clients’ businesses, because they won’t. 

Half of our clients find that they want both – the person in the office to do all the work and the strategic input from us, while the other half just work directly with us and own the marketing themselves. 

How you want to work it is your choice, but the important thing is recognising that a junior marketer isn’t comparable to what we do – they’re twice as expensive and half as effective.

Start your application now

So that’s the story, here’s the offer:

We’re almost done. 

But before you decide whether or not you’d like to apply to take one of these five slots, keep reading, because – as you hopefully know – no sales letter is complete without an offer and a deadline.

(If you don’t know yet, you’ll definitely know when you’ve been a Private Client for three months!)

So here’s our end-of-year offer for just five business owners who make the decision to become Private Clients before 6pm on November 22nd 2021.


Your monthly fee to be a Private Client is just £1,499, but come on board before 6pm on November 22nd, and your investment will be just £1,189 + VAT each month.

That’s a saving of £310, every single month that you’re a Private Client, and it means that getting eight heavyweight marketers on your side is even more affordable.

Your rate will be locked in for your first three years as a client, regardless of any price increases that might come in that time.


Many years ago now, we launched our ‘Copy and Content’ service, because we realised that for lots of business owners, the reason why they weren’t getting where they wanted to be was because they weren’t producing enough quality content, or building their audience with the right people. 

Copy and Content helps solve that problem, by providing a piece of written content, ‘done for you’ each week, ready for you to send out to your email list and post on your social channels.

Copy and Content usually costs £699 + VAT, but if you act fast, you can get access to it for free, just by becoming a Private Client before 6pm on November 22nd.


Get your application in before 6pm on November 22nd and we’ll take your first payment immediately to secure your place, but you won’t pay again until February 1st, giving you a month of the service, absolutely free.


Apply before 6pm on 15th November, not only will you secure the three super-fast mover bonuses, we’ll also upgrade your half-day strategic session to a full-day – giving you another three hours of our time, and diving into deeper into your business.

Start your application now

“Okay, sounds good – where do I apply?”

We do have an application process in place for anyone who wants to become a Private Client, and there are a few very sensible reasons for that.

Firstly, we only want to work with people that we feel we can get results for.  

We’ve got no interest in taking your money if we don’t feel that we can help you get a return, so we want to review your application and talk to you before we make our decision.

Secondly, we have to make sure you’re a good fit for the group.  We care very deeply about our current Private Clients, and we want to make sure that the balance is right, and that everyone is happy.

Thirdly, we want to make sure that you are totally happy to proceed.  If you’re not 100% behind the decision to come on board, or you’re skeptical, then the chances are that we won’t be a great fit, and we’d rather work that out before we waste anyone’s time or anyone’s money.

If you are the right fit, then we’ll take your first month’s payment to secure your place, and then you won’t pay again until February.

So here’s what to do next:

  • Fill in the form below and fill out the short application form
  • One of us will be in touch to schedule a call
  • We’ll get on the phone, and chat in more detail about your business and your goals
  • If both parties are happy to proceed, we’ll get a date in the diary, and get started

(Remember, we’re only taking on five Private Clients here, so if there is more demand for places than there are spaces, we may have to place you on the waiting list until a time when we can fit you in.)

Start your application now

“Is that it?”

Yep, pretty much.  All that’s left is for you to decide whether you want to submit an application or not.

If you’re not sure, we suggest you put your application in and then we’ll talk about whether it’s right for you.  And you can rest assured that if we don’t think it’s right for you, we won’t try and ‘sell’ you it – that’d be a waste of our time and yours.

Remember that if you want the three fast mover bonuses – the lifetime discount, the free Copy and Content service and a month for FREE – you’ll need to take action by 6pm on 22nd November, and if you want to upgrade your half-day to a full-day, you’ll need to be even speedier – your application will need to be in by 6pm on 15th November.

We think it’s a pretty generous offer, but most importantly we KNOW that we’ll be able to add significant value to the five Private Clients that come on board.

  • We’ll help them achieve their goals.
  • We’ll make them more sales.
  • We’ll make their business stronger.
  • We’ll help them to reap the benefits of their activity, and enjoy a better lifestyle as a result.

If you want to be one of them, fill in the form below now and submit your application.

Thanks for reading,

Mark, Thom, Seb, Davina, Grace, Ryan, Calum and Krystal

Start your application now

P.S. Long letter, right?  Maybe you’ve skipped to the bottom.  If so, here’s the summary:

We’re opening up our highly rated “Private Clients” for five new business owners to start working with us and ensure that they achieve what they want to in 2022, and live the life they want for themselves and their families.

Your success or failure in this uncertain economic climate will – as always – be decided by your ability to get and keep customers, and that’s exactly what we’ll help you with.

When you work with us, you get all eight of us to help you with every element of your marketing: from your overall strategy through to the implementation of it.

We work on a “done with you” basis – we’re not an agency you just outsource to and forget about it, but nor are we consultants who’ll tell you what to do and then swan off into the distance.

The monthly investment for Private Clients is £1,499 + VAT, but when you take action before 6pm on November 22nd, you’ll get a locked-in, three-year discount of £310 every single month, making your investment just £1,189 + VAT each month.

When you take action before that deadline, you’ll also get our acclaimed “Copy and Content” for free AND secure your September subscription for nothing.

And, if you’re super quick, you can grab a FULL-DAY with us, as well as the other bonuses, just by applying before 6pm on November 15th.

Applying is as simple as just filling the form in below:

Start your application now


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