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Build List. Make Friends. Win.

I was chatting to one of our clients the other day. Mainly about football, but a little bit about business.

His name’s Phil O’Connor and as well as being a fellow Spurs fan, he’s an IFA. He’s also going great guns right now – at his current trajectory he’s going to smash his goals in 2017.

Phil’s got a very simple strategy for growing his business.

He’s got three forms of lead generation, all of which deliver him customers in a cost-effective manner.

Once he’s created a customer on the front-end, he’s got simple processes to ensure he stays in touch with them personally; and to add value and build his relationship with them, he sends a weekly email with useful information and personal anecdotes.

That’s it. No 19-step funnel. No webinar to tripwire to “core product”. Just simple lead generation and simple content marketing.

It works.

And the main reason it works is that Phil doesn’t err from it. He doesn’t get bored. He doesn’t go to a business event and decide to rip up what’s working in favour of the new.

Paul Bleck from Bartech Marine is the same. He emailed us last week to tell us that it had been a record week for enquiries. In January, no less.

What does Paul do? No prizes for guessing.

He has a couple of simple processes for generating leads, and once he gets prospects onto his list he sends them regular valuable content.

That’s it. No 19-step funnel. No webinar to tripwire to “core product”. Just simple lead generation and simple content marketing.

I could go on. You probably get the point. You’re probably bored of it, because it is boring.

But the reason why Phil and Paul are smashing it right now is exactly the opposite.

They’re not getting bored. They know that what they’re doing is the right stuff, and they’re just getting on with it and making it happen.

Too many business owners don’t do this. Or they can’t. The lure of the new is too great.

If I earned a pound for every time Smithy says: “build a big list and make friends with it – that’s all marketing is”, I’d be a very rich man, but Thom doesn’t say it so frequently for a laugh. He says it because it’s true.

That’s why Phil is doing it. It’s why Paul’s doing it. It’s why we’re doing it – with these articles, Thom’s videos and Mark’s daily emails (stay tuned for the return of The Mark Creaser Daily very soon).

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, you’ll scroll down it and see every man and his dog promising to make you rich with the “latest Zuckerberg hack” or “proven funnel template”. It’s easy to be sucked into it all.

But if you’re a proper business owner, and you don’t live in information marketing, the chances are you should ignore it. Phil and Paul are, and it’s working out pretty well for them.

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