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Brilliantly average marketing

I can’t quite believe it, but my little Lilly’s off to school in September.

Time passes scarily fast – I still remember that first drive home from the hospital with our newborn, and yet here we are, just three months from her starting full-time education.

Ever since her school place was confirmed she’s been itching to get started, and the excitement went into overdrive this week when a big envelope arrived, chockfull of school-related stuff, reminding her it’s actually happening.

It’s not the best flyer in the world, and I could pick holes in it all day long.

But you know what? It’s a brilliant piece of marketing, for the simple reason that it gets to the RIGHT audience at exactly the RIGHT time.

Asked what ONE advantage he would opt for if he were running a hamburger stand, Gary Halbert gave a hugely instructive answer.

The best meat? The best buns? The shiniest stand?

Nope. A starving crowd.

The best marketing in the world won’t work unless you get it in front of the right people at the right time.

And some pretty average marketing can work brilliantly – as long as you find your starving crowd.

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