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Brazil, McGregor, Miller, Moyles & Carlyle.

What on earth do these titans of sport and entertainment have to do with marketing your business?

I don’t know about you, but the length of my journey to the office varies considerably from day to day.

It’s the same distance every time (10.9 miles according to Google), but on a good day it’ll take me 20 minutes, while on a bad day, I’m looking at at least an hour.

Leave before a certain time, and the roads are all rosy, but leave slightly later and I’m in the car for the long haul.

This morning wasn’t a ‘rosy road’ day. Not by a long chalk. So I relied more heavily than usual on my in-car entertainment.

My radio station of choice? TalkSPORT.

I’ve wiled away many a morning listening to the ‘Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast’, and that’s exactly what I did today whilst sitting in a queue of traffic.

If you’ve ever listened to TalkSPORT, you’ll know that pretty much all they ever talk about is football.

Will Wayne Rooney take the gazillion pounds a week offer to move to China?

Has David Beckham got a new haircut?

You know the drill.

Today was different. For a good 20 minutes, I sat and listened to Alan Brazil interview Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller about the upcoming Trainspotting 2 film.

A serious break from the norm.

I listen to Alan Brazil pretty much every morning, and have done for close to a decade, and I’ve NEVER witnessed a movie try and get publicity through his show.

At first glance, it seems a bit odd that the Trainspotting boys were on an entirely sports-focused radio station, not talking about sport.

And not just that, but they weren’t even on the radio station with the most listeners.

TalkSPORT pulls in 3.3 million listeners a week – paltry when compared to Radio 1’s 9.9 million and Radio 4’s 11.2 million.

But when you consider the fact that TalkSPORT listeners are generally of a certain age and demographic, it all makes a lot more sense.

Trainspotting 2 is mostly going to appeal to everyone who watched and enjoyed the original Trainspotting movie. Obvious, right?

And given that the first film came out in 1996, the main target market for the sequel has to be the people who watched and enjoyed it back then.

When I finally got into the office I spoke to Smithy about it – he’d had the same experience on the way in, except it was Ewan McGregor on Radio X.

Again, Radio X doesn’t get the most listeners (only 1.19 million a week), but with Chris Moyles now heading up their breakfast show, he’s pulled with him that same target market – those who were old enough to watch and enjoy the original Trainspotting movie back in 1996.

All of these ‘listening figures’ might seem a bit cerebral, but the main point here is massively relevant for all of us.

When deciding where to advertise and market our businesses, do we go with the media that we perceive has the biggest ‘reach’, or do we start with our market and choose the media that gives us the best chance of reaching them?

The guys in charge of marketing Trainspotting 2 have done the latter – worked out where their market is, and then made sure that they get their message to them in the most appropriate media.

That’s the right way to do it. And this reminder has never been more important.

We’ve never had more choice with media than we do right now, and that’s both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it enables you to get your message to your market in a cost-effective manner.

On the other, there’s much more chance of you choosing (or being sold) a media that doesn’t reach your market in the way you want it to.

So there’s my little reminder for today – we need to work out where our market is and the message we want to deliver to them. Then, and only then, should we start to consider media.

We’ve heard it all before, but I see proof every day that people are ignoring it.

Writing books because someone has sold them on the idea of becoming an ‘authority’, when their their market doesn’t care if they’re an author.

Spending all of their time creating Facebook Lives that their audience don’t watch.

‘Snapping’ their day trip to Milton Keynes when their target customer hasn’t even heard of Snapchat.

If that’s you, then hopefully this’ll be the nudge you need to start with your market, stop being seduced by media and spend time doing the right stuff.

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