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Bit harsh, Howdens!

I just got off the phone with Howdens, my third kitchen company call of the week.

We’ve got an extension starting in a couple of weeks’ time you see, and we’ll want a shiny new kitchen to be fitted in January.

I’m keen to get on top of our ordering and find out exactly how much we need to budget so I’ve been calling round the high street brands to get some consultations in the diary.

Great timing too – virtually the first words from the Howdens’ lady’s lips were sweet music to my ears:

“Do you know we’ve got a sale on at the moment?”

Naturally, I exclaimed that was great news, shall we get a date in the diary?

Oh no, she said, oh no no no NO.

“You’re not a priority, we’re only speaking to people who want their kitchens delivered in the next month.”

And just like that, she cut off a hot prospect and lost a lead.

If she’d simply told me their earliest available appointment, I’d have bitten their hand off and booked right in, even if it wasn’t for a month’s time.

Instead, I know I won’t be getting their sale prices, I’ve got a sour taste in my mouth and I’ve got two appointments with other companies booked in for next week… So I guess it’s likely I’ll be sorted for a kitchen weeks before Howdens would have time to speak to me.

How do you speak to your leads when you’re oversubscribed? Being full can quickly and easily make your prospects want you more, so long as you’re communicating it right.

…Are you?

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