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Bird in the bifold

We’ve got a brand new bifold in our open-plan kitchen.

It’s beautiful, gives us a great view of the garden, and now we’re finally getting some weather appropriate for the time of year, it’s time to roll it open and enjoy that indoor/outdoor life so many of us love.

Trouble is, I’m a bit scared to do it.


I’m afflicted with ornithophobia – an extreme fear of birds.

I put it down to an incident in Trafalgar Square when I was seven – I dropped some bird seed on the floor and milliseconds later I was swamped by pigeons.

Turns out I’ve never really recovered, which is why I’m resisting pulling the bifold all the way open, for fear a feathered friend will fly in.

It’s irrational of course – living in a Birmingham suburb means it’s pretty unlikely an Andean Condor’s going to swoop in and take me out, but just because it’s irrational, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

We’ve all got irrational fears, and often they’re harmless, but when they stop you marketing your business, they become a bit of a problem.

For instance, lots of business owners are too scared to send regular emails, for fear of what might happen, or because they worry they’ll get some abuse back.

Instead they default to not sending anything, which definitely isn’t the best way to engage with your audience and bring more prospects into your pipeline.

For the vast majority of our clients, a regular email is the backbone of their business – it builds trust with their audience, grows familiarity and done properly results in leads, sales and customers.

So if you haven’t sent an email because you’re worrying about what might happen, bite the bullet, jot something down and get it out – the reaction won’t be anything like you imagine.

And with that, I’m going to taste my own medicine, roll open the bifold and enjoy this beautiful May day.

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