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Big scary grownup

There are a few big, scary moments in life, when you realise you’re a proper, full on grownup, with genuine responsibility.

Having kids is definitely one; agreeing to owe the bank hundreds of thousands of pounds for a mortgage is another.

And now Gracie and I are pondering a third: doing an extension.

We like our current place – old Victorian terrace, high ceilings and all that – but we don’t like our kitchen; long, thin and devoid of any social space.

As a result, we’re thinking about changing it, which necessitates a plethora of grownup conversations, with mortgage brokers, structural engineers and so on and so forth.

So far though, the main chats we’ve had are with architects, and they’ve been hugely instructive, both in terms of showcasing their ability to visualise space, and their complete lack of ability in the world of marketing.

The biggest fault? Failing to showcase the fruits of their labour.

The world of architecture is complicated, with all sorts of plans, drawings and visual representations requiring creation, and these technical drawings dominate the websites and marketing collateral of most of the architects we’ve looked at.

But what the customer is actually interested in is the END result – completed projects, beautiful, airy kitchens, happy and smiling families with transformed homes.

THAT’s what people are buying from an architect, not a load of indecipherable technical drawings.

When you know your craft inside out, it’s easy to fall into the trap of showing your working, and focusing on the thing you do, rather than the result it gives.


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