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Beer? Buy.

I’ve bought two boxes of beer in the last three weeks, both from

Both of them contain some pretty nice IPAs, in amongst the lurid, highly alcoholic and unpleasantly sugary stuff that seems to pass for beer these days.

But neither of them were bought via Beer52’s usual subscription service.

Chances are you know how Beer52 works – you pay them every month, and they deliver you 12 beers, a little bag of pretzels and a magazine that everyone throws away.

I’ve been a subscriber a couple of times, and never really seen the value in it – I don’t really want to pay for beer I haven’t chosen to keep turning up, month after month.

So I’ve been “out”, probably for around a year.

Until last month, when they sent me an email, offering me a box of beers with an offer attached, with NO forced subscription.

I clicked ‘buy’. The beer arrived, and it was pretty good.

Then today, another email arrived, offering me another box of beer, again for a good price, again with NO forced subscription.

So I clicked ‘buy’ again, ensuring our fridge will remain stocked for the foreseeable future.

This is smart. Beer52 recognise that I don’t want to buy a subscription, but that doesn’t mean they can’t profit from me – they just need to sell me something I dowant to buy.

And because they’ve segmented their list, they’re in a position to deliver the right messages to the right people, at the right time.

Two things to mull over:

  1. Are you selling the right thing to the right people? Could you create an additional proposition to create more buyers?
  2. Is your audience segmented well enough to send out specific messages to specific segments?

Good answers to those questions are likely to pay dividends…

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