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I got back from a family holiday at the weekend, and I wanted to share the big marketing lesson my 4 year old daughter taught me.

We were on a cruise ship for a week, and Lilly had taken her favourite scooter with us.

She didn’t walk anywhere, always flying up and down corridors and decks on two wheels.

Within 24 hours, she was a mini-celeb.

She’d zoom past and people would spin round and ask “are you Scooter Girl?!”

Lilly was what the marketing experts call “famous to a few”.

Nobody knew any of the other 4 or 5 year olds on the ship, but my daughter was the Scooter Girl, and EVERYBODY knew her.

There was only one difference between her and the others, but one was enough to make her stand out, to make her unique, different and memorable.

Same thing in business; one decent USP is all you need to elevate you above everyone else in your market

The question is “what’s the USP that’s going to make you famous to a few?”

The answer almost certainly isn’t a small scooter, but it’s probably not much more complicated.

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