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Almost too helpful

We had a series of small round tables with our Private Clients last week, and one particular client came to the table with a great problem:

His product was almost TOO helpful.

Because his software for businesses has so many features, and benefits his customers in so many ways, his target customer can be anyone with a business and the good sense to systemise it.

Trouble is, that’s a very broad market, which makes it hard to create a compelling message that speaks powerfully to his prospect.

He’s a smart guy, and he understands this, which is why he’s niching into specific industries where he can construct a very clear marketing message that addresses the particular and precise problems facing businesses in those industries.

As the Americans say ‘riches in niches’, and although you have to entirely change the pronunciation of “niche” for that to rhyme, they’re not wrong.

Plenty of our clients have a products they choose to market to specific industries, knowing they can create a more compelling message that way:

Mark Chase at Lemonchase sells loupes to dentists.

Emma Mills at MiPA sells call answering services to mortgage brokers and accountants.

David Ogden at Grant Me Savings offers a fantastic free app that gives you money off everything you spend, niching his message and proposition to people receiving any sort of UK benefit.

And – of course – Carolyne Wahlen, who decided she wanted to spend more time in nice golf clubs, and launched Golf HR as a result.

You get the point: even if you sell something everyone could buy, it doesn’t make sense to try and sell it to everyone.

And when you pick a smaller niche, and create a message that talks directly to it, your marketing becomes better, more focused and more effective.

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